Leena starts us off this hour in New York City Eileen oh welcome to the Dave Ramsey show hi thank you thank you for taking my call sure what’s up in your world well I’m currently Dave right now I have a lot of student loans and I have some credit card debt that I’m trying to you know pay off.

But just the amount of income that I have that comes into a month it’s not really able to them like you don’t even touch or pay off the student loans but I’m able to pay.

Off the credit cards but it’ll just take a few months for that that happens yeah so I’m a single mom I have I have a six-year-old son and most of the student loans that came came from when I was in pharmacy school did you complete pharmacy.

School I didn’t continue because like it just happened last year I had gotten I had gotten dismissed from the program because I had a serious family emergency that kind of jeopardized my seeding and I had to withdraw my application and be kicked out of the program so how long were you in.

How long were you in pharmacy school for five for four years you were in for four years four years yeah what did you like right.

How much did you like graduating I only had three courses left in completing the on campus on the coursework and then I had to do one year of rotations and then after one year you graduate and you have.

To take your boards and become a pharmacist yeah what level of family emergency would keep you from going across.

Finish line well I have a parent that has like on uncontrolled high blood pressure and diabetes and they.

Suffered a stroke you know very close to stroke and that kind of um had to take on some serious care and in terms of helping them and that kind of like you don’t mess with the time that I had to send for for my.

My home studies mmm it was wrong and what who’s taking care of the parent now well so far like you know the parent is they’re still with me and I’m still helping them out and you know not being an in pharmacy anymore I’m doing courses online and I I’m doing.

I’m doing health care management now online and I’m going to be graduating.

From there next year next year spring semester so it’s just that like since I have all that said just trying to figure out like what should be like and so on all they all the student loan that’s on hold right now cuz you’re back in school yeah how much student loan debt do you have almost 80,000 that’s including credit cards as well.

And how much of that’s credit cards and credit cards itself I didn’t add it up about seven.

Thousand you’re almost done with that you said what is your income income is a thousand per month you’re living on twelve thousand dollars a year in New York City you got your parents income to or something yeah my mom you know like that’s the trend I’m with um she’s retired so she’s um you know like she has her pension Social Security that’s thing like all of the arms the mortgage and everything else all the bills and then I’m just.

I’m sharing with my son I’d say for my son from.

My son’s tuition for school and then like I I try to take care of like you know buying groceries and paying off credit cards and everything okay so like what my what my plan was to do.


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