Hey guys welcome to hip Hughes history I don’t know if you can tell but I’m Johnny Cash because I’m about to walk the line on the Affordable Care Act better known as Obamacare we’re gonna do kind of a sketchy history of health care reform and then look at kind of maybe eight critical aspects of Obamacare and then wherever.

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So middle school high school college cray-cray on the Internet we’re about to grow your brain so sit back and strap in cuz giddyup.

The learning experiment here reform you could make 15 videos on health care reform and really we can go back to Teddy Roosevelt to find the first president that’s talking about the idea of kind of universal health care or health care reform it becomes part of harry truman’s kind of platform plank in 1948 the democratic party the concept of universal health care and then in 1960s.

You have major reforms like Medicare and Medicaid which are basically kind of socialism kind of.

Programs that are guaranteeing some type of insurance cover for the very poor Medicaid and for the elderly Medicare but even with those two programs covering kind of the most vulnerable aspects of our population by the 21st century the United States still at forty eight million Americans.

That had no health insurance so people that are very very far on the right would argue that free-market capitalism is the best approach.

Competition would drive down costs and that would allow more people to be able to afford to buy health insurance and if you’re way way on the Left you kind of have the notion.

Of kind of like health care is a guarantee that it’s not a responsibility it’s a right as a human being therefore the government through the people’s representation should kind of have a system where everybody has free access and of course that means that that’s going to be tax money that’s going to pay for that and certainly if.

You’re looking at kind of organization of governmental concepts the philosophy of the United States is founded on the idea a kind of protection of personal liberty and property so many Americans on the right say this is kind of thievery and people on the Left see it as ethical and apathetic and the right thing to do so where is Obamacare it’s probably somewhere more in the middle to.

Be honest with you but let’s take a look at kind of the eight most important aspects of Obamacare and then you can Duke it out so let’s talk about kind of the the fun part first the part that I think everybody likes there’s really kind of three insurance standards that Obamacare is going to mandate one of them is going to be that young people.

Can stay on their parent’s insurance to the age of 25 so that’s going to cover you know a good.

Million two million Americans that didn’t have health insurance before the second is that health insurance companies are no longer going to be able to drop people that get sick because obviously that’s a risk and it’s going to be really costly for the insurance companies to keep that person on and so many instances.

Insurance companies would find ways to drop that person and then the third thing is that pre-existing.


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