Good morning welcome back to morning at MTV my name is malacca villa dara not today on the solution segment i want you to bring in your questions and you’ll be sure to address them now the hashtag is morning at NTV bets on twitter you can also stream it live in case you’re not in your home and drop in.

Uganda and also on youtube and do be sure to sample some of those the conversation the big conversation today is on insurance how much do we know about this do we even know.

How to differentiate between a fraudulent agent or a fraudulent company and them that are actually authentic what are your experiences with.

Insurance you know companies and insurance agents and that’s the conversation today and so in studios to break that down for us and just to play the classroom today to give us.

That information because that’s where the gap comes in is mr.

Bernard Abell who is the acting director supervision at the Insurance Regulatory Authority.

Welcome to studio sir do you think your mother you’re welcome anger trauma girls on ground with a few operators at the toxic back and what came out strongly and evidently is that there is a communication lag education in that area these people come to you very enticing to sell insurance.

To you very enticing and get into that box but through the process you have no information where is the gap coming through I think like we had the gap is basically on awareness right people have little understanding of insurance and how insurance operates and that’s what we have been doing in the industry we have.

Been endeavouring to educate the public on insurance operations how the different classes operate we have also engaged the different issuance companies and actually agree with them that they should always educate their clients before purchasing those products and they should also continuously engaging they engage their clients even within the course of the duration of the policy and this has been agreed but also on another angle we are coming up with some regulatory.

Forms very very major it already reforms on market conduct we are coming up with market conduct regulations where we have stipulated a number of issues which the.

Have to ensure that the public is aware of at the time of purchase of.

Insurance the issue of treating customers fairly is key on the agenda the customers have to be treated fairly each insurance company should be having a complex disk where if you have some complaints we’d say anin writer or a claim settling audience you know that there is somebody specific and you can go to attend to approach and he sorts out your.

Problems but you know the issue of awareness like they explain we are competing against different they have different things to attend to you.

Know they have to generate income for their families some of them have daily incomes and at that.

Point the attention is not focused basically on insurance as the chairman mentioned but of course we need to come up with ways of ensuring that these people we capture the attention what you’re actually pointing out is the ideal way of.

Operations to do with insurance players but that actually does not happen so do you go a step.


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