Sup guys are welcome to another video I am offering a couple of tips that are gonna help you get your insurance down when you are new to driving so number one location location is extremely important when getting cheaper insurance now I will give you an example I had my car parked in a private residential building electric security gating.

The law it was more expensive than parking in a Crescent which is off the road in a nicer quieter area so the quieter areas the less likely.

To have thefts and burglaries and accidents are going to be obviously very beneficial to you as the insurer driving any car that you may choose to be insuring so like I said location super important so one massive tip to you if you do live in the.

Countryside then that is fantastic obviously there are less cars.

Around and you’re more inclined to get cheaper shirts number two type of car obviously the type of car you drive is going to make a big difference to your insurance you drive a crazy v8 when you’re 18 you’re gonna be paying tens and tens of.
Thousands of pounds you drive.

A 1 liter car it’s going to be costing a lot less now I know that comes across very simple super self-explanatory but don’t be that guy that tries to insure a car at the beginning that’s way too expensive as Kevin Hart said live within your means it is very very wise so when you.

Insurance and driving as a whole you want to be driving cars though not only you can afford but you can also handle now eliminate your ego from this situation you want to be driving a car that you can learn in as my parents always said you want a car that you can batter a car that if you did scratch it’s not.

Going to be detrimental to your bank account or your parents bank account now that isn’t very important look out if your parents as they are the one that you’re looking out for you so when.

Trying to find a car that you can ensure stick for things like 1 liters 1.

4 I was very blessed grandparents gave me.

A hand-me-down Volkswagen Lupo which I will include.

A photo here that car did me really really well and allowed me to build up my confidence they actually said that it was really fast and I know what they were talking about but at the time.

I thought it was great and I was convinced and I get loads of girlfriends did it work absolutely not anyway like I said so cheap engines cheap insurance that is obviously a fantastic tip modifications being number three if you can avoid the modifications.

I know it is part and parcel of growing up having your first car learning to drive it seems cool when you’re young to have a raspy exhaust fancy alloys and stickers and decals and all.

That kind of stuff I’ve been there and as a 27 year old now 10 years later I look at those people with complete dismay because frankly I look.

At them like I was there I’ve been there I’ve.

Done that I’ve got the t-shirt and it’s slightly embarrassing I’m not saying don’t do that and I don’t really feel like in the.

Car scene we’re in a position to judge you guys but wanting to do that as it is part of growing up but if you want cheap insurance and you want to be saving and having more money in your pocket for the nicer car a.


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