Hello welcome this is all top I’m making a live video I just wanted to say 8 ways to get the cheap cheapest car insurance possible so the first thing you need to do is shop around and don’t ignore smaller insurance you might not have heard as much about okay so how do you get the best insurance or cheapest.

Car insurance possible so I’m going to talk about 8 ways okay so most of us need car insurance yet few of us fully understand it including myself dozens of car insurance companies including large players and regional.

Are paying for your business they are craving their need your business many offer an eye glazing assortment of policy options making it hard to compare policy and figure out what what is the best and cheapest car insurance.

Don’t number one okay step number one here I’m going to talk about the 8 things you can.

Do to insure so you get the good coverage in the best possible rates ok number one don’t assume never ever assume any one company is the cheapest it doesn’t matter how many commercial.

Ads you see or anything never ever assume any one company is the cheapest some companies spend a lot of money on commercials that try to convince you they offer the lowest car insurance rates but prices that differ different from people pay for the same coverage by the same company can vary widely.

So no single insurer can claim to be the low price later for everyone the insurance company that that’s cheapest.

In one play in one ones place let’s assume.

One state may be the most expensive option for a driver in another estate so the only way the only way to ensure you are getting the best deal is to shop around you have to shop around so the.

There are some savings at stake okay found that good drivers could be missing out on four hundred sixteen dollars.

A year on average by not comparing insurance prices our study our study also.

Found that 38 percent of Americans who have car insurance haven’t compared insurance cost in at least three years if ever I mean that is just an study it could be here and there so for car insurance don’t ignore local and regional insurance insurance companies just for companies control nearly half the nation’s auto insurance businesses number one is Allstate number 2 is Geico progressive and State Farm but.

Such as auto other insurance and any Eri insurance often have higher customer satisfaction ratings than the big names based on my study Eri e any insurance has the highest rating even compared to Allstate Geico progressive and State Farm this video is not about any promotions or anything but I’m.

You the best resources possible I am bringing to you so any insurance often have the highest customer rating satisfication then the big names as I mentioned and they may have the lower rates too okay so now let’s go to step number three check for discount insurer provide a variety of.

Discounts including price breaks for customers who number one you can always bundle car insurance with other policies such as forming homeowners insurance make sure when you.

Are getting a car insurance.

You add your homeowners insurance like in say apartment house townhome whatever you have and that are maybe if the insurance allows you to have if you have a commercial property investment property set add that in one policy so you get discount for to bundle up so the next thing is how to check the discount is insurer multiple cars if you have one two three four five cards add in one policy I mean this is no-brainer everyone.

Should know it so the next step is have a clean driving record always try to have a clean driving the car situation circumstances happens that is fine but try the best to have a clean driving record so one more thing is pay the and their entire annual or six months premium at once he hears my my my real life experience I’ll.

Tell you I have a guy coinsurance okay when they caught me $1,400 for six months it was coming 200 some change every month so I.

Asked them if I pay you all at one six months will there be a discount so from my $1,400 it went to $1,180 something I saved more than $230 something so this is a.

Real life my own life example I’m giving you I save more than two hundred dollars just paying six.

Months in advance so if somehow you can pay all at six months or one year in advance then definitely there is some discounts you should ask for every insurance that if you pay an advance six months there is a discount okay so that is my real.

Life experience so I’m sharing with you all so you you all can benefit you know so and the other way to get.

Discount is agreed to receive documents online so whenever you are on the phone just let them know when you’re getting insurance or online let them know I want to receive my documents online or by email or something they give you that maybe they.

Not tell you or maybe insurance agent at that time may not know or may know or may not know if you just opt-in for that online document Sonia like nowadays you can have insurance on your email address so by doing that you will save some money and the next step.

Is on a car with certain anti-theft or safety features if you have certain.

Type of anti-theft or safety features you can for sure save some money then the one more step is are members of a particular professional organizations or affiliate groups so if you are with affiliate groups professional organizations definitely you can mention that and get some discount don’t be Savin okay however by a long list of possible discount compare your final price from multiple insurance one more thing it doesn’t matter you bundle up you have a good driving record you agree to online you add three four or.

Five cards we are at your homeowners insurance as well but at the same time try to get offers or price from at least one or two insurance companies okay and make sure wherever prie insurance company offers whichever states because they are in.

Certain states you make sure you check with them because they are the best of the best of the best and the.

Customer service rating and they have the lowest rates too so always check with that so now let’s go to step number four okay this is something out of the car insurance it support like to pay your bills on time your credit score is a significant factor in the car insurance quotes you receive except in California Hawaiian Massachusetts which don’t allow insurer to consider credit when setting rates insurance companies say customers credit has been shown.
To Cola correlate correlate with their.

Chances of filing claims analysis have found that having a.

Poor credit can boost people.

Car insurance rates by hundreds of dollars a year compared to having good credit improve your credit and get cheaper insurance by paying your bills on time and reducing your depth drag your progress by checking your credit score regularly so let’s go step number five consider insurance cost when buying a car okay you probably already pay attention to factors such as fuel efficiency and.

Repair cost when taking a car to par but you should also consider insurance premiums.

Analysis of the cheapest car to insure among top sailing vehicles from the lowest rates are for Honda CRV Subaru Outback and Jeep Cherokee so let’s go step number six skip collision and comprehensive coverage for an older car I repeat at least three times this okay number one time first time skip collision and comprehensive.

Coverage for an older car second time I’m repeating this skip collision and comprehensive coverage for an older car older car okay number three third time I’m repeating this thus keep collision and comprehensive coverage for an older car so let’s let’s get into deep of this collision coverages.

Pays to repair the damage your vehicle after an accident with another car or object such as fence comprehensive coverage pays to repair vehicle damage from whether animal crashes floods fire and vandalism it also cover car theft but the maximum payout under either policy is limited by the.

Value of the car if it’s total or stolen if your car is older and has low market value low market value it may not make.

Sense to shell out for this type of coverage so if your car value.

Just give you an example don’t hold me for this okay then.

Why you want to have collision and coverage you know so that’s just a thought you can it’s person to person is different situation is different every car is.

Different so that is one thing you can look into it so step number seven consider raising your deductible.

Consider raising your deductible if you buy comprehensive and collision coverage you can save money by opting for higher deductible there are tables there is no deductible on liability insurance which.

Pays for the damage you caused others in fact in an accident so step number eight four and four eight consider usage base or pay per mile insurance so what does it mean let’s say if you.

Are a safe driver who doesn’t lock many miles consider a usage based insurance program such as Allstate Drive wise progressives nap.

Shot or State Farm drive safe and safe safe and save by signing up for this program you let your insurance track you’re driving in exchange for a possible discount based on how much you drive when you drive and how will.

You drive so in all state is it likewise progressive is a snapshot in state form I’m safe.

I’m safe drive safe and safe so definitely that is that is the best option they’re giving you so when you drive and how well you drive so whenever.

You’re driving and how will you drive they will know they’re you can track so they keep it definitely discount on.

It definitely they will give you discount so if let’s say if you drive less than 10,000 miles a year you might be able to save money with a managed based insurance program such as Metro MA or.

Insurance pay per ma Metro mile is available in seven states insurance paper miles is available in Oregon as well so with.

That I hope you enjoy praise Friday September 21st 2018 I’m making a video and this is a live video it’s already late night so I hope you enjoy this video this content as much as I love bringing to you so with that I just one request is please do like.

Share and subscribe to my channel and please do write in comment how do you like it what else subjects topics do you want me to cover come related to car insurance auto insurance motorcycle insurance life insurance whatever it is related to that so I have definitely not only answered if.

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Save money on some insurance so make sure if you are in any state where er ie insurance company offer insurance please do check out that is the one of the my based on my research it says one.

The best customer service and the lowest insurance rates possible so why not ERI any so with that take care bye.


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