It’s time for the Twitter crypto recap with Jessie couch price down sad times friends and family are probably calling you stupid it’s hard to buy these times I need that extra motivation listen to them to this song go check that out if you need that extra push price down where do we do we pick up the first one.

I’m looking at you Bick this is the second phase of my light layer.

A medium bag here and actually hoping price goes lower so that I can buy even more down low next I’m buying some more melon it’s down here at new all-time lows doing a double bottom and it just got listed on BitFenix that must mean there’s a.

Market maker so I’ll take my.

Chances on this one HTC is releasing a new decentralized internet heading the project decentralized chief officer let them know.

Thoughts I’m thinking my number one feature request open source I’m not even using new apps unless they’re open source let him.

Know your comments on my Twitter guys.

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Over to my Twitter at Jesse couch thanks for watching the Twitter crypto recap with.


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