00 $125 one a $25 one out $25 one up fact 97% of people never make money online today you will learn how to become a part of a profitable 3% of people without having to do any home meetings Hotel presentations or convincing people to buy anything so cut off all distractions and pay super close attention to this short.

Video now I’m going to come to this in a moment however before I do that let me ask you a quick question what is the most successful.

Business model in the world the answer to that question is all around you everywhere you go you’ll always see a McDonald’s chick-fil-a Hilton Hotels 7-eleven.

And the list goes on all of these are franchises no matter where you go throughout the United States and the world you’re going to see the same big-box businesses and why is this the answer is simple each of these businesses have created easy duplicatable systems along with unique branding and products allowing people like.

You to buy into that franchise any average person can leverage the strengths of recognized brands and products along with a global network of support to easily make a great.

Income the essential thing is none of these franchises are doing anything differently than all the others.

Yet they’re all making money because they all have solid products with a duplicatable.

System they have used the same business model that has worked for over a century for the.
World’s top franchises and applied it to the largest growing demographic in.

The world the Internet let me introduce you to $25.

$25 one up is a simple digital franchise that will provide the knowledge the time freedom and lifestyle changing or supplemental income that you’ve been waiting for there are digital downloads pre-written ads headlines email swipes and more that have been proven to convert on demand there are 50-plus educational videos that cover everything you need to know to automate your business which turns into leads and sales there’s no selling no MLM and no.

Experience needed the rest is an automated system in which 98% of the work is done for you $25 one up has the products system and most of all a global network all you do is follow the duplicatable system and get paid and right now right this second I’m going to tell you.

Fact with $25 one up you get paid on the very first person you sponsor into the membership are you worried about nagging recurring payments and having.
To wait to get paid a paycheck or direct deposits from your.
00 one up there are no monthly fees and no autoships plus you get paid directly and can receive your money however you like here is a breakdown of.
The product levels and how you get paid.

One up system first there are four product packages that you get to keep 100% of the commissionable sales the gold package is $25 the Platinum package is $100 $250 for the diamond package and $500 for the enterprise package there will be a one-time.

$10 hosting fee for your automated website and also an additional $25 hosting fee for diamond and $50.00 for enterprise the diamond and enterprise package offer overrides in the compensation plan but we’ll get to that later the gold package comes with the ability to earn unlimited $25 payments pre-written ads and a marketing system that tracks.

Your downline and does all the selling and telling for you the.

Platinum package includes all features in the gold package as well as the ability to earn unlimited $100 payments the ability to set your own third-party autoresponder and most of all the ability to brand yourself by setting up to 12 banner ads that promote your other streams of income these two packages are sold separately now to our advanced level packages the diamond.

Package allows you to earn $250 plus overrides and comes with all features in both the gold and platinum levels you will have the ability to add your own sales video to the Marketing System there are five video training courses the cover list building how to manage the digital mark lifestyle and more the enterprise package allows you to earn $500 plus overrides and.

Comes with all the features in the lower levels plus the ability to add up to 13 more branded videos in the back office there are seven more video training courses that cover how to close high ticket sales how to.

Systemize your online business and video marketing to name a few you will also be able to receive override commissions from your gold platinum and diamond level members you will only be able to earn on the package that you own meaning if you purchase the gold package for $25 and your prospect purchases both the gold and platinum packages you will only receive the $25 and.

Will be passed up to whomever is qualified now the three ways to get paid are direct qualifying and override sales now to understand the three ways you earn with $25.00 one opcom you have to know how the reverse.

One-up plan works you see when you purchase your educational product package you keep your very first sale and pass up.

Your second to your sponsor there you have it you’re qualified now here’s the exciting part not only do you get 100% of every sale you make.

After your qualification sale you also get 100% of each new business partners qualifying sales for the sake of illustration imagine that you sell five gold packages your first week at $25 week one you get your 5 you pass one of them to your sponsor you.

Keep 4 so 4 times $25 equals $100 week to your 4 get their 5 each person has to pass up one person to you for a total of 8 so that’s a grand total of eight times $25.00 which equals 200 dollars in total income earned with 3.

Your 4 get their five one each is passed up to you for a total of 12 so 12 times $25 equals 300 dollars in total income week for those new 4 gets their.

Qualifying sale and gives you a total of 16 so 16 times $25 equals 400 dollars in your first month remember you only invited five people this is life changing income and the power of the reverse one up comp plan you’re actually in profit by.

Your second sign up that example didn’t include the platinum diamond nor enterprise levels which is also powered by the reverse one up.

Plan can you imagine daily payments of $500 and you never spoke to them as a bonus that diamond and enterprise package will be fully qualified on both the gold and platinum you’ll learn more about how the overrides work once you get on the inside check out some of these member testimonials what is going on this Orianna can we.

Do some beautiful California just here in my office today about $25 one of the system how you can position yourself starting today right he earns a sweet commissions instant payments and earn a.

Hundred percent commissions right so this is for anybody that is looking just to create extra income online right it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete.

Newbie because we have a step-by-step system but we’re gonna show you how to copy and paste pre-written apps of social media and how to generate.

Sales how to get commissions straight into your account and so what you want to do you want to get back to the person that invited you to watch this video.

24 hours of joining the $25.00 wat up system I was able to generate four hundred and fifty dollars as you can see on the screenshot.

Super excited again if they’re serious and was ready.

To change your life take action today join the team right and start creating an extra income so that you can take your life to the next level hey guys Vinnie here.

With partum with Vinny comm and I’m a platinum member in the $25 one up program before this program I had a problem with.

My team duplicating my success but ever since I joined the $25 one up program that has all changed this is a completely done free system that any new beat or experienced marker can get into and make money on a daily basis since I’ve been in the program now I’ve been making consistent payments almost.

Every single day and my team is starting to duplicate my success so get started today hey guys my name is Christian Tennessee.

And I’m so excited that you’re watching this because I’m listen you know before I got started with this wonderful I was struggling so it’s been a blessing to me I’ve had multiple $500 days with this system and I’m excited this is wonderful so you know I look forward to other people just getting started in.

This system because first of all the price points are amazing it’s simple to promote it’s simple to understand and there’s so much leverage built into this program so I look forward to you starting your money-making journey see you on another side bye guys my name is Robert weakly and I am a gold and platinum member in $25 1 up I’ve been networking for six years and I had to wait for Commission’s for a long time and I got my hundred and twenty-five dollars and six hours after joining the value in this.

System is a business in the box that’s all you need.

Has auto responders already built in has training that you need and I’m telling you you need this okay you need this once you see the capture pages and once you see the video it is awesome so join today we’re on top of things baby see you later.

Bye hello everybody we continue here from Ghana and I’ll be working online since 2014 because I’ve already here all I do is I mean yeah and there my name is Steven Wiley and I am a gold member inside a twenty five dollar one up.


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