Hi there Louis clip in here today again and today I’m going to teach you some affiliate marketing basics some affiliate marketing basics and also sort of tell you what is working in terms of ranking in Google some basic steps you can take for ranking in Google in 2014 whatever it is if you’re into internet marketing affiliate marketing then.

There’s still some things which are really crush crushing it in terms of ranking in Google and that’s what I want to.
Talk about with you today so the thing first thing is how.

Do you still rank your blog and blog posts Welling Google I said whether you’re a newbie or you just started in affiliate marketing there is.

One thing okay one thing that is still CERN that targeted free traffic from Google still works if you follow the internet marketing boot.

Camp then you can be effective so I want to talk you through one of the basic elements of getting free traffic and creating SEO powerful content and that’s why I call themed content okay now.

You would do maybe when you’re creating content and what I’ve done for some of my older sites is maybe target one article for each keyword that you find so say you find three product.

Names or keywords that you want to rank for and say if I’m golf’s a golf golf swing drills the perfect golf swing go swing for beginners okay say those three keyword phrases I’m gonna target for why would have done in the old days it written say three articles.

One on each of those now this still works people still rank for this all over by concentrating on different keywords per article but there is a much more efficient and effective way to.

Do this and I think more powerful and more Google friendly so while all these sort of keyword phrases are sort of slightly different they can all be themed together so people searching for these co-owned keywords they want the sort of the similar sort of thing they want to know about how could they improve their golf swing tips for being a beginner.

At golf is often the same related things they want the same related keyword phrases so it’s.

Easier to include just one article say a description for what.

Golf beginners need to look out for a commentary on how to.

Sort of play golf and improve your game and provide tips about your golf swing all of this in one article the result is.

You have a bigger bigger piece of content and you come across much more authoritative and this has chance to be the definitive thing that’s been written on a golfing.
For beginners that exists on the internet because it’s good lots of good.

Quality content if I be a thousand worse 1,500 words that’s fine it will be the highest value single page that exists on that topic and more and more every day Google loves this stuff and rewards it with lots and lots of big traffic the crazy thing about this as well is.

That by writing an article a single are to look like this it forces you to include other long-term keyword phrases just naturally in the course of writing you don’t have to try you’re going to hit things like golf swing the beginners go for beginners golf clubs for beginners you’re going to hit those sort of phrases and any other number of long tail keyword variations that will have real high converting search volume thing is the longer your article the more longtail keywords they can hit.

And this what just happened by default because your content is longer you might have end up having a piece of content rank 4 30 keywords or even more and this I think you’ll find is happening more and more and it’s very clear.

And will let me be clear with you anyway if you’re not clear about this you’re only writing one article in this scenario so not talk about I’m not talking about you having.

To go away and slave away on 20 articles focusing on 20 different keywords now you might bring all the traffic from say 20 keywords into one article more traffic less work what’s more is you’re going to end up with a diverse traffic using this approach and that’s the difference between say having a hundred visitors a day.

From one keyword and having two visitors day from 50 keywords the latter is preferable because you’re never relying on one term to make income from but which their competitor could come along and knock you down they take knock.

You down from one particular keyword that’s alright you’ve got a load of other keywords that your ranking for and this means that you’re not going to up and down in the google.

Rankings you’re going to be much more stable have a much more stable income what’s even more there is a strategy for determining exactly which.
Keywords belong in a certain group so that that same article.

Can rank for each of those terms and each of their long tail variations so with a combination of the right keyword tools some spreadsheet work you can form groups of terms that open up open you up to a higher.

Number of long tail ranking possibilities and the ones with lowest competition as well so you can achieve traffic in the shortest possible time and this is what really works in 2014 and I’m going to show you how so let’s go over.

To the screen and I’ll take you through it so I’ve done some keyword research and here under for my golf site so i have a golf.

Site which i will show you yeah so I’ve got this golf site on golf swing and golf tips for beginners except etc my main site here’s a sign up thing people sign up using this fantastic facebook button here which is quite cool so they’ll get free report and then they got my.

They’ve heard my sort of the product that I’m also recommending here he’s on Clickbank so I own money from there so anyway let’s back to the article what I’ve done initially is I’ve done some keyword research on the sort of various golfing terms i was talking about and.

Then what i’ve done is i’ve gone through this list that I’ve made.

That so all these girl from terms would have fit the criteria i’m looking for and i’ll try to find phrases like this golf swing tips and then the phrase is here go swing tips and i’ve highlighted in their golf swing tips how to play goal.

Perfect golf swing and so I found three or four our perfect golf swing out of highlighted them how to play golf that.

I think and as a grouping as word groupings go together for a great article so we’ve got multiple keywords that we’re going to focus on in one single article I’ve written my article here it’s about a thousand words long just over a thousand words long on broke it down into top five tips I.

Say I wrote this article actually I paid somebody to write this article on.

I writer calm like I mentioned and then I just got in and sort of giving it a bit of my own my own style I like to.

Do that we don’t have to do that by always even if I get somebody to write articles for me often I like to just go in and tweak them slightly so what we’re going to do is going to go to my wordpress site we’re going to add the new post here so.

We’ll take that put the title in and highlight the risk the going to put that in here so that’s in there and then we’ll go in and I’ll tidy that up and then you’ll see the finished thing I might even add some pictures which I found which match the keywords that I’m looking for as well because pitchers are important as.

Well so what I’ll do is I’ll go in.

I’ll tidy that up and then we can come back and look at the finished article so what I’ve done now is.

I’ve added my article my thousand plus word article so here it is on the site and.

I’ve added in some pictures that are said and I’ve optimize the pictures so basically given them in their title using the keywords and.

In the sort of alt title on the word which you can do to two titles so they’re sort of keyword optimized as well might tidy up this list here but the pictures are useful as well that’s always you know Google wants to see sort of multimedia I might even do a video where I describe some of these tips as well and add that big humor there.

On the basic rules for the course do want to be sexist but how about for a lady playing golf on the to illustrate the golf swing bit there I’ve also done another an internal link here to one of my other blog posts and for more tips on here this will take you through the main front page where you can get access to a free book on golf and then if people do that and they’ll sign up to my.

Golf mailing list so there you go very simple and hopefully because the article is long and has multiple you know the focus on it is multiple keywords it should get lots of traffic and we’ll see over time but.

I just wanted to show you how easy it is so hope you find that useful Google’s very different now and it’s much better.

At rewarding high quality content Google really does things to help us out okay but on this occasion they’re crazy if we don’t take advantage because.

They’re going they love quality content so this is not black hat is not looking for loopholes it’s not trying to keep the search engines is basically giving readers what they want it’s giving Google what they want and Google real bra rule will reward you handsomely for doing so so what you need to do is do some keyword.

Research in your market and ask yourself which of these terms I can group together in a sort of related terms that I could think we’ll create some content around right that content or send it.

Off to a writer like I did I mean I didn’t write the content in example I showed you I used I writer com I leave a link for you get them to write a theme around this theme make sure you know there’s no force trying to stuff keywords in there to make them work get it to about 1500 words and if you’ve done your keyword research right and you get a good quality.

Article it’s a thousands of 1500 words it will crush it for you in Google okay it will work so and as a follow with internet marketing boot.

Camp I highly recommend that you use this strategy and that’s why I’ve included it as part as the updated modules I hope you found that useful have any questions.

I’ve gotten too fast for you all seems a bit too confusing apologize just drop me a line and I’ll try and help you out but anyway thank you.


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