The long-standing discord between Philadelphia 76ers center Joel embiid and Detroit Pistons Center Andre Drummond added another chapter to its lore yesterday in Detroit thrilling 133 132 overtime win against Philadelphia MB had put in some serious work on the court finishing with 33 points and 11 rebounds to Drummond’s 14 and 16 respectively the two big men went at each.

Other all game MB had made a point throughout the game to let Drummond know he couldn’t guard him and with 42 eight seconds left in regulation Drummond was ejected after picking up his second technical battle just before that ambien scored in the post on Drummond to put Philly up 120 118 as the ball went through the net.

Am bid and Drummond were standing near each other MBA then seemed to act as if Drummond had hit him in the face and fell to the ground that got Drummond tossed dot P er Michael Rothstein of espn.

Was warned by the officials about the physical play between the two big mem after the Sixers lost em bein said that overall he feels he has Drummond’s number I think I own a lot of real estate.

In his head ambien said we lost so I’m not supposed to talk trash but he knows damn well that he can’t guard me but that was a team effort you know Blake had a good.

Game and they were able to pull it off so we got another one tomorrow and we got to do a better job Dutta’s hand touched my face and you know going back what.

The referees were saying the whole game there were a lot of cheap shots taken MV had told reporters one point I think referee Tyler Ford said that the next cheap shot the next one is going to get a technical funnel and that’s why he got the.

Other technical foul all I was doing was just talking and playing basketball and trying to win the game and obviously on the second one you can see that he hit me and his hand actually touched his. but like i said i feel like i own a lot of real estate in his head dot dot after hearing of ambience comments about owning.

Real estate in his head Drummond took to Twitter and posted the following message Lowell does he if that’s so he.
Wouldn’t be so excited to have me off the floor think about it that’s a.

Silly statement I’ll take the W though enjoy flight home number M award-winning actor Drummond and NV ative exchanged words through the media in the past with ambient saying last October that Drummond doesn’t play.

Defense and that he couldn’t shoot Drummond fired back by calling out n beads injury history and inability to play in back-to-back games for most of his career overall MBAs a 3:1 lifetime record against Drummond t-h-e pistons and Sixers will next face each other on November you.


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