The current situation is a dire one my countrymen and women are taking their own lives far more than died in combat for us it’sunacceptable I’m Kirk Catherwood my name is Gretchen Catherwood I am the gold star mother of Lance Cpl. Catherwood I amdedicating the rest of my life to raising money and running dark horseLodge this is.

Of every branch of service from every warin conflict men women of every age who will be able to come together and shareexperiences just a safe place.

With others and a place to go fishing on Kentucky Lake and enjoy activities in the west Tennessee area after.

Alec was killed we were at the remembrance ceremony andwe saw the looks in those men’s eyes we could see that the the pain that theyfelt and we definitely noticed that there was communication going on betweenthe Marines that was not including the family members and one of them actually saidthis is the first time I’ve been able.

To talk about that day and I thought okay what if Alec had come home what would he have faced who would have been there for him so right then was the affirmation I needed I realized since I can’t do this for Alec.

Anymore what can I do for those whodid come home we know as humans it’s good to connect with one another but you go there with ideals of your flag and independence and freedomand it becomes the guy next to you most combat veterans do not want to speak with somebody that hasn’t traveled in their boots Gretchen’s idea for Darkhorse Lodge is right on the mark for me as a combat veteran when the things start flying over your head.

And then back over the other wayit becomes I just want to get my buddy home they had to do things that they don’t wantother people to know about and we’re not doing enough when they get home it’slike knocking your head against the wall trying to deal with the VA and so manyof these veterans they’re.

Simply given drugs they’re given prescriptions and sent on their way we’re there when they are in when they are active duty but when they get out is when I believe they need the most care and they need the most benefits.

And that’s where we are falling so short of the mark in our country we think they’re better off together than apart Tim was with theArmy National Guard in 2005 dear dear friend of our son and after coming homefrom Iraq and suffering the effects.
Of some pretty severe PTSD had taken hislife on.

Thanksgiving Day Tim was far too young he had far toomuch promise because he took his life on Thanksgiving Day we know that many celebrations in our.

Country and others are had over food it will bring peopletogether and learn about him and each other Bowman Hall is after Tim and we couldn’t think of a better way to honor him andhis family welcome to Bowman Hall this is darkhorse lodges pride and joy thus far this is our progress this is what we are soexcited about in the mornings after breakfast our guests will come.

To our what we call our fishing store and grab their bait and tackle and gear that theywill use throughout the day out on the lake in this room here this is ourdining room this is the main deal.


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