You oh my god the night night night night at night oh my god the back Oh the night oh my god Oh night night night night night night Oh like aziza meepo why is it not a me poking you a little bit good that it’s pretty good DK DK is nice armor gets it wrong in these in like.
The middle of four oh my god they tried so hard yeah yeah so.

HFN you’re pinging him back right.

Now almost feels it’s gonna be tough nice silence on the three this is low just ridiculous.
We have common of two spells.

Like the Huracan connection and our TC is gonna.

Go down you never expect the damage from crystal Maiden right now no you should see him doing karting man we ain’t to kart race okay.

That’s not that’s not Avast you the reason all margins one of the or join your team versus because they were scared of dying son strike that lays out as a good kill and enemies.

Gonna go down for the first time it’s very hard to get injured in karting right so it’s like Paul the man right I mean they’re going man with their team but that this should have came like a long time ago stunt flies out or easier to hold I feel like they could’ve done it.

Earlier can I take the Torah do I think careful they can take the tower I’ve seen some someone did that my pops listen anything something not sure it’s like this Frank 700 is first picture Walker was he good just sunstrike again and be dying back to back at bottom.

I don’t know what he keeps my bottom in the top tower I think you should go for that one she haven’t heard people calling k3 I don’t think as I say tripping.

He’s actually going whistle oh mid lane and B might just go down once again what are you doing he’s gonna get stunned up by the cursed crown he’s pretty tanky but sunstrike gonna come in he’s gonna fall once again as s4 also picks up a kill they do lose the drove for this no follow up as pi doesn’t really have damaged something heroes draw it’s pretty good against one lanes it was.

Like tidehunter it’s pulsing merry so they’re smoked up they’re doing what Allah wants trying to get the ulti off yeah onto the invoker tornado late I was good anyway though hops a shrine for him the leaves to the guy living.

It’s gonna get stunned up power shot and he’s gone now the question is what can you get out of this if you’re Yugi I’m gonna follow the earth panda time it out.

Of the primal spirit that is gonna be three kills they need to kill them go go faster yeah and then just leave together all the stupid deranged did everything just I think the Rangers wait I think it is a nerd from cool no he needs a nerf from the range nice really nice old crit is gonna die they get the Bruce split off to gonna open up onto the invoker s4 already has a kill they haven’t that cruelty here maybe if they can catch him on the downswing he.

Abandoned way too early he keeps coming in what was that level 2 ultram necro it’s 30 extra seconds I think it’s like one or two he’s going like that you just.

Get more tanky and get like an AC get silverish then you go blade you’re you’re pretty think about that already I like the AC but the book.

Turn to burst people don’t Sun strike oh we heard that is the third time you’ve been wrong now there’s so many loser dies there the trowel is dead right yeah the throw is that one you can feel confident about it you could model is easy man man I feel they’ll.

Be engaging here pretty sure by the PATA is gonna live I want to pubs here already with Ricky awfully yeah and I actually lost 10 pubs before that okay I think I won’t one and then I lost 10 pubs and that went 3 hit-making also yeah.

The face shaped I’m still gonna.

Get stand up though and shackled that’s a neck roll it’s unfortunate now art easy in Salvage mode is dead forever they can get roche ended like hundred seven seconds no you have to when you get finding cold yeah when he gets when he gets to this point that you’re playing draw in yes.

Why ever instead but he buys back instantly they’re gonna try.

To hold this it’s going to be a three on five Bligh is running into D Ward that was ambitious not for certain he was gonna die there but tornado the brood doesn’t have split up.

But now they’re just running forward doesn’t see a bolt into the.

Fear anybody gonna die the necro Goes Down they’re actually doing it right now but Abed running in that’s that’s a really good playboy universe like he knows it doesn’t have molten it he just like okay I’ll jump in.

And set up the fight they just call him he has like 2 K 2 K HP evasion and the magic resistance you just probably won’t the fight pretty pristine so even though he dies he’s like this.

Is a good setup yes yes a little ball back they want to fight this roach they’re.

Gonna fight it with Bach you can get some strong kills and then do nothing as well the goal goes into your pocket and ends like you just feed it away basically I guess yeah last it’s got some power waiting for him to come.

On line depreciation Dodgers the shackleshot would have hit anyway son strike strike looks like high is actually gonna live oh and this spend is not a target look at that necro is in he is gone the instant heritage dude envy gets tip so much he deserves the typical I think so who’s your guys’s favorite person who try to tilt with tips because I don’t know guys are.

Notorious tippers I think BPD for.

The first name is a good because if M is a good one this seems to be nice not strike anything PPD pretty much I like to do it’s not a bad start both teams flying back four or five on five so far.

How do I kid is the key right now with a willow actually use themselves BKB that’ll be a dead puck 90.

Seconds see emotes in the middle of everything but not really gonna hit too much the drone and the bruise just taking.

Up everything sunstrike gonna get laid out does connect but not nearly enough damage split Volker went for the Hail Mary there did no one well who’s gonna live why gonna get.

Chased down here has the glimmer cape but he’s so slow does not look good for eg this does indeed not look good for eg just pray they never come there yeah it seems like some real still wants to try to take fights with this team that’s we huh yeah so it’s hard for me.

To take you seriously and sometimes like he knows he’s wrong you know yeah he just makes up his points so hope you’re gonna die once again Abed is so strong at this point it’s been an unbelievable amount of.

Farm crit gonna face shift out of there should probably still die though I’ve been picking up another kill you remember that V no.

I told him did ya that’s probably the best scenario I think by the way sumail had a hurricane Pike lined up I’m not mistaken as RTZ gonna get caught out here Abed has the stun available silence as well yes BKB where do you see the beach he actually almost got one shot if his team just ditched him buying it no pops his own eul’s is now beyond godlike still has yet to die in this game that’s face for flight to get alerts or maybe he’s just gonna die or TZ is he looking for.

Yep I finds him where’s the follow-up he GP no TP I think typically Envy I think oh here’s all the news or was that we going there he knows that the droves trying to.

Split push hey here’s my boy back there waiting right now do you go for a share of the surviving top lane looking for right now Abed gets a stun off good bye my semilla is definitely dead here stay loose for here I think you forced my wish I think Kiki’s got his blood or Noel’s it’s good to it comes in yeah well he’s got it he’s taking the keys doesn’t get the cheese that’s gonna go to op net but well worth.

It anyways crit getting chased down nuke is gonna touch him so should not be able to get out here.

But it’s your life for the aigis people are now responding cries back himself DJ’s kind of waiting in the corner here is Envy walking forward DJ dice to s4 and that might actually just prompt fnatic to back up actually exactly poker and he his team was dead and the only pot.

The wave yeah he pulled away Walker as I they do this placement they’re both like really good find our cheesy then they know they were smoked had no Manta that’s again he’s going he went hacks I think he should have been AC and he didn’t get the the HP talent his old if you just hit the ruling the dependency male so much for I click damage and we might just divert they both go down please.

Hashtag worse so heroes are dying crit trying.

To run away uses himself can you get it off yep oh yeah with the shackles was beautiful I love.

Seeing this kind of place they have lads on radiant.

Yeah I think so doesn’t the brew happen does he still like the brew real fast thank you.

Like if you’re playing us at all lineup you need AC oh yeah a shackle he turns DJ is the damage so he’s got another hex he’s gone yeah and DJ he’s.

Gonna take the rapier so we just never got to see it fire what just walks past it addict fanatic not like the what are you doing the fire guy just kind of that the that other blade ball I.

Want the blade mentor she smoked up again they see Envy start here you know thanks the dream quote oh.

I need to see a onesy Drupal somewhere well no one died so I can’t imagine it was super good everyone’s full HP they’re actually getting some kills right now on the side of eg surprising yeah Rasmus is.

Right this looks like it’s gonna be a 70 minute one to.

Know better that’s a good taper however that’s not buy back for willow this is an opportunity could do something don’t have Aegis right this is just for that.

Again so now puck dies as well I mean if you’re fanatic where’s the play that.

You make DJ hero solving lanes and getting Pecos but since he got the rapier he’s afraid to leave the base and that’s why they there are strong feelings anymore really just talk all their free cuz they got kills but you might get stuck again oh okay as for his dead 115 seconds first the lifts on to our.

TZ he gets stunned up – he’s dead – he’s now gonna fall abed beyond godlike still doesn’t have a death to his name 14 0 and 16 drove buys back instantly they know they’ve got to try to hold this should add more openings in this yeah but you got a you know you have to keep it going for the the homies on the stream dude I know.

I’m actually really sad about that I didn’t see it once I think he used it but we didn’t see.

Rolled on the tro silence though and the fear gets low pressure is refresher but there comes the other meteor he finally gets it all off pops the.

Cheese to is that it’s pretty good the universe actually goes down.

For this but they are just diving now our TV guys for the second time the instant buy back from the invoker all became yeah but the chase comes down to mail don’t have sent from our bed it’s the post or not I’m DJ is unstoppable everyone is now dead that should be finally the game as it didn’t quite get to 70 minutes but fnatic they do end up on top.

I’ope had had an absolute monster game yeah they they they they like them he’s also very good last week from fnatic they actually their full physical damage on eg yeah DK here’s a guy that jumps you can jump you like don’t give a he needs levels but he doesn’t have that good of a laning presence i it’s usually like that if you play with Knicks in your team he’s like missing stance I mean brute 22nd so do you know of us you don’t play in a pubs right.

Clerks so who do you guys felt like who who’s drafted you like before we.

Saw anything just after the draft was done Ichi draft was even good before brewed was brewed it’s like super awesome no waiver I like phonetics draft yeah no super brilliant speaker yeah too much check the last hits ya later for fun – yeah and on networks like you said.

Need for Oh cuz the flask yes he said shot so much flash he hasn’t a second to last a network so you just realized that he looked like 30 spiders yes Oh got like three gold for him bought 10 fly he’s already shuttled for flash middle highligh died trying to kill flied.

Now he’s not dealing fight that was.

A good rhyme yeah you guys is dr. Seuss popular no see is no no nothing Sioux males like yeah and I can bring two more flasks out for me that’s great 64 to 1 for Abbott I’m curious why didn’t.

Doesn’t seem like a pretty good a bottle art easy game on Weaver he’s just farming the spiders oh I bet calculated yeah that’s book definitely calculated that was close I don’t know if he had napped he could just go in or just and spiders and kill him maybe she was out of nuts easy buddy Dilworth kind of one more text should be enough ol buddy a stick I think pilot I and.


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