That literally didn’t have a choice he came straight out and said I’m not ready for a time apart just about some big huge races six foot seven or whatever make this shit out of us and give much credit he knocked the mother he knocked him out with a few seconds left baby knocked him out but Derek Louis was.

So but he just had to lay there he was so fucked three or four weeks later that dynamite got Derek limits back in the UFC fighting for the title fighting DC it’s all about luck.

You never Lesnar bullshit and bringing those WWE fans in and you know getting the WWE fans to buy the EH say that’s what it is they know white won’t sprite freak unless they’re okay he wants his ass on this on these video games and this Xbox garbage and he wants to WWE piss Island.

WWE fans piss on Brock Lesnar test I’m bright loves their piss I’m Dana White fighters safety first it’s two fighters safety first date and white give us yet that Conor McGregor injured those UFC fighters in New York he’d.

Give a shit I know I was thrilled about it it was good for business say here’s a drop here’s the guy right here Connie McGregor this sells promotes whiskey gives that garbage away gives it away on one hand kind of McGregor just loves first responders he won’t say police.

Because the police aid his ass they keep standards and they gonna lock his ass up so kind of McGregor he goes down and puts with the shit on.

His bottle about first responders guys and gives some whiskey.

To first resupply and there’s all these tweets about first responders this garbage it’s garbage Conor McGregor gives a.
Damn about first responders he just knows that someone.

Is gonna be drinking and driving in Christ and alcoholism is delayed cause of death in the world it’s the late calves about mobile accidents drinking and driving not doing stuck drugs drugs cows death but the worst.

Drug out there is alcohol alcohol tears families apart alcohol destroys lives alcohol poisons your body Conor McGregor’s an alcohol the alcohol push you’re gonna be.

The represent you know represent little kids games Connie McGee.

The piece of garbage that bus glass in people’s eyes it makes you know hop threats of homicide and it says dirty words he’s kind of.

McGregor he’s gonna be the the guy that represents the damn video games to the little kids tinier make Greg C dynamite gives a shit Dana what gives a shit.
That Connie McGregor is poisoning the world he’s poisoning the.

Youth in the whole world kind of McGregor’s poisonous garbage Dana White is garbage Dana White and they damn well that Connie MacGregor hey NIT listen but not before Conor McGregor setup in New York Arden Labov Dana White made our de blah blah – in.

Another location from the UFC Dana White was all in the shit that happened in New York that you know we kind of McGregor his gang attacked in New York Dino White was out in this shit the night before they was coming it’s garbage it’s trash it’s garbage listen Ireland Ireland has banned Conor McGregor’s commercials because kind of mayor but they’ve already said kinda McGregor is toxic to the use them in Ireland it’s toxic and then Dino white gives a shit date or what puts it on these little.


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