This video is purely for internal training purpose only healthy shows hate us when we least expect them and bring about financial loss in the form of hospitalization and medical expenses a healthcare policy will provide the right protection against unforeseen expenditure but many available in the market falls short of providing adequate protection having a complete cover is as much.

Important as having our health insurance cover.

That is why we offer Starr comprehensive health insurance policy.

A policy that gives complete protection against all healthcare eventualities through unrestricted cover without limits and copies the questions we had before devising our comprehensive health insurance policy why there is no insurance cover without limits and constraints why does a health insurance policy keep.

Limits on pre and post hospitalization expenses why doesn’t our health insurance offer free personal accident cover to.

The prime insured why can’t bariatric surgery get covered as a declared medical treatment we were not just asking the right questions but we came.

Up with the appropriate solution in the form of Starr comprehensive health insurance policy the no compromise.

Health cover it provides complete and thorough health insurance to those are under its shelter the key features of the policy are our health insurance cover without limits and constraints flexibility.

Of staying in a standard easy room in any hospital no limits on pre and post hospitalization expenses.

Free personal accident to the prime insured air ambulance over and above Road ambulance periodic surgery covered as a declared medical treatment equal amount coverage offered when some insured is fully exhausted free maternity expenses and newborn cover free hospital cash cover for sundry expenses free electronic second medical opinion hospitalization expenses coverage on individual basis or family floater basis no caps are limits on benefits no limits on.

ICU expenses diagnostic costs doctor.

Fees all day care procedures free delivery expenses after three years of continuous coverage unmatched baby care expenses including congenital disorders outpatient consultation ophthalmic and dental treatment with a block of every three continuous years domiciliary hospitalization treatment free bonus sum insured every claim free year star health advantages claims are processed and settled by.

In-house fields at women team which has been regarded as the best among various insurers and is recognized with several awards and accolades Iranian income tax benefit under Section ATD 8,000 Plus network hospitals 24/7 call center to support the customers firmly grounded on its unique features and advantages star comprehensive health insurance policy has.

Proven to be the best protection available as yet offered at affordable premiums star health insurance the health insurance specialist.


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