Hey what’s going on guys it is go toad mega crash I want to welcome you guys back to a brand new video now I do apologize for the lateness here of this video technically not Halloween anymore since we’re on the 1st of November but I hope you guys still have your Halloween spirit intact now what I’m gonna present.
You guys with is a very fun video now I do want to make a mention.

Here that the video did have to get cut short due to the.

Weather it suddenly started raining when I was in the middle of recording so what I’m gonna do ladies and gentlemen is present you guys with what it is I have while the weather.

Was still cooperative but dunno blaze and joined up there is.

Still a lot of fun a lot of craziness to take place here in this video so with that being said ladies and gentlemen hope you guys sit back relax and enjoy and if.

Make sure you smash the hell out of the like button and subscribe if you guys are new here to the channel and want to see more content from yours truly again so that being said ladies and gentlemen let’s do this whoa I want to apologize in advance given the fact that you know I was saying that I wanted to livestream on Halloween night but the thing is always and gentlemen is that I don’t exactly have the data plan to.

Do exactly that so what I’m gonna do instead ladies and gentlemen is we’re gonna have ourselves an on-the-spot grind session down in my fair place now FX waterfront so I hope you.
Guys enjoy what’s to come because I’m sure we’re gonna have ourselves.

Some shenanigans to take place in the few hours that we are gonna be down here now right off the bat ladies and gentlemen I want to showcase the fact that we have ourselves 510 K eggs that are going to be hatching very freakin soon and I’m really excited really pumped up to see what is gonna be taking place when it comes to the egg hatches and I can honestly say man you know.

Tonight’s gonna be a real good time so I hope you guys sit back relax and enjoy and let’s see what we got going on here we’re also gonna be doing some shiny hunting as well so here’s hoping that we get some shiny.

Luck tonight on Halloween night Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year I’ve said that a whole bunch of times in the past now we are only gonna be shiny checking the witch hat Pikachu’s we’re not gonna catch them but.

We are gonna catch everything else.

That can be shiny because wheels gonna get that candy you know I’m saying but see here’s the thing is that you know Pikachu with you know the event hats are so frustrating to transfer you can only do it one at a time so the.

Thing is I got more than enough Pikachu candy to like last me for like nearly 20 evolutions for for Raichu if I really needed to so with that let’s see what we got going on here and let’s spin the stuff and let’s see what we can do here I really.

Really hope we can get some shiny hype.

Going tonight man I really really hope now I also want to point out ladies and gentlemen that I am going to.

Attempt to finish the spirit tomb quest I should say the spiritual research quest here tonight we have ourselves a visit a poker stops you haven’t visited before I’ve.


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