My name is Lenore Smithson I’m employed in sa banker which is one of the 14 banks in these power bank in Alliance my role is as a system owner of the API platform and the API since power bank 1 back in 2015 we saw that we needed to go the API way and we also needed to publish that.

Externally the value it created was that we were able to go into and solve the PST to challenge we had as well as we were able to provide a solution for our external digital arenas like the mobile bank and the.

Net bank as well as other solutions as well and we were also able to gain value by delivering api’s and functionality to partners the big.

Benefits for spa became is really that we can reuse all we develop meaning that if we develop an Accounts API then we can use it in our net bank and we can use it with our partners so faster delivery lower costs we map the market looked.

At the various vendors that could provide the solution and when we saw that they had a local partner and so past area then we found that this combination was really what we wanted and needed the road ahead for.

Us Bob again when it comes to banking.

As a service and also the open banking is really to.

Establish develop more api’s to be able to have our own organization as well as FinTech companies to do more and new innovative solutions on top of the bank.


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