When the Chinese Foreign Minister was here about month month and a half back we had had this conversation with them and and said that we think it would be in the interest of both Pakistan and China if we invited third countries to invest in and participate in CPEC projects so cippec overall the umbrella program is a bilateral program.

That’s China and Pakistan and we collectively decide where to take that program but once we have taken.

The decisions of what we want to do under that program in the specific individual projects we would.

Welcome the third part third country.

Investments in there and as you probably heard from the media we’ve already done that in the case of Saudi Arabia and and a potential discussion is going on there and and others are also on where do we work how do we see peg going forward see peg first phase was as I call it infrastructure financing the the real economic corridor work has not yet been initiated and that’s what we have to focus on going forward China is the fastest growing economy in the world very soon.

It will take they overtake the United States of America to become the biggest economy in the world and Pakistan is the closest ally off of China in the world nobody in the world has a better relationship with China than Pakistan.

Does and we had physically contiguous with geographical neighbors and what have we done with all these advantages that we recruit for ourselves we have exports to China worth a.

Billion and a half dollars every year that’s it China imports two.

Trillion dollars worth of products every year and Pakistan exports one and a half billion dollars to China so that has to change that has to change and obviously this.

Is not China’s fault this is our fault so that’s going to become the biggest focus of CPEC going forward how do we use CPEC to build a Pakistani capacity to export into the Chinese market export in general to the entire world but also specifically into the Chinese market one of the ministers from China was here and I had a long conversation with him and I said if we should we should target 1 percent of China’s imports coming from Pakistan say in three years time if you’re.

Able to do that they’ve got two trillion dollars worth of exports right now they’re probably be a 2.2 trillion dollars that’s twenty two billion dollars of exports from Pakistan to China versus the one and a half we have right now that’s twenty billion dollars of exports going into China alone that’s near doubling of Pakistan’s export out of just China and if we do that in a focused manner if the Government of Pakistan utilizes this phenomenal relationship that we have with China the importance that President Xi places on the on the the Belden Road initiative.

And the cippec’s primary role in that Melton Road initiative I have absolutely no doubt that we should be able to do that once that in principle decision is taken then we have to identify it if I which are the products in which this can happen and this should not.

Be just restricted through the industrial zones which are being set up so this would be any of the Pakistani enterprises that’s one aspect of it the second aspect that I’ve had conversations with them about and that’s something that we want to do is that the Chinese companies are now global leaders in many products.

Got global supply chains which end up.

With that final consumer product and I want Pakistani companies to become embedded in the global value chain.

Of these Chinese products so if there is a product which is being sold in the end $400 if $1 out of that can come out of a Pakistani company and that becomes embedded in this industry and I’m telling you in the long run this.

Will be a revolution because then you get globally competitive your your quality standards go up your productivity standards go up and and then on your own also.

You can start building world-class products so these are the two main thrusts that we’ll be putting in there in addition cippec is now going to be.

Used to really fast-track Pakistan’s agriculture if you look at the Chinese experience the earliest gains they had were in agriculture and the meeting with dr. Hafiz Pasha that I was mentioning earlier he has done this modeling it’s a 53 equation very complex model and of all the areas the one which gives you the highest bang for the buck.

Is agriculture initially because of its linkages forward and backwards so and China has got world-class agriculture now.

Pakistan is completely neglected with agricultural R&D for the last 2025 years and that’s the reason your agricultural productivity is flattened out it wasn’t always the.

Case between the 60s going forward 30 years Pakistan’s productivity quadrupled a beard sugarcane wheat rice cotton and then we just flattened out because they stopped investing in research or a research infrastructure has gone down so we want to build that with the.

Help of China also and and there are other areas specifically there is ml one the Train upgrade logistics upgrade.

Very very important in our opinion that should have been the priority project instead of the road network because from a freight point of view rail is far cheaper.

Than Road anyway so so looking forward hopefully.

We’ll be working at that all.



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