Hey good morning this is Marcy with private banking concepts I’m actually chatting with you right here in the front seat of the car we live up in the mountains and when you have an all-day filled day full of appointments in the valley most of these videos or catching up on work is going to be from the front seat.

Of the car so I just want to say we actually have a workshop in downtown Denver today.

On Walnut Street love to have you join us it’s at 5:30 at Tommy call your production headshots and we’re.

Going to share just a little bit about the basics or money 101 but today one of the things I just really wanted to talk to.

You about was savings and day before yesterday.

I got up and I did my reading I did my paradigm-shifting for me and then I started doing just.

Scrolling on the internet which I tend to do but I ran.

Across an article about savings and years ago it actually was something that was brought to my attention I was in some financial issues about 15 years ago and I really just needed to get myself out so I needed.

To change my thinking or change my habit about.

Thinking back then I didn’t probably have but several thousand dollars in the bank but what I read this week was 64% of Americans have less than $1,000.

In their savings what about you $1,000 or less if if a family emergency if a health emergency just if life happens is $1,000 going to cover it and I just started really thinking about that so.

I just really wanted to just challenge me everyone to take a look at their habit in saving their money for an emergency you can call an emergency fund you can call it.

A savings account you can call it whatever you want but make sure it’s liquid make sure you’re doing it habitually every paycheck once a month have a goal if you want to.

Save $1,000 in the next 90 days how much do you need to put away with each.

Paycheck if you want $10,000 by the end of.

The month what would that take or the end of six months or the end of a year what would that take and then I want you to do this for me I want you to think about how would it feel how would it feel to have an extra thousand dollars how would it feel to have an extra.

Ten thousand dollars well right now I know an extra ten thousand dollars makes me feel very secure right here my gut so I know that that I’m not so different than many many.

People out there so if this actually just as a reminder for.

You to get started I just encourage you to get started on your personal savings today whether it be a dollar today a thousand.

Dollars in a month or ten thousand dollars in a month to six months to a year just make sure that you take care of you and you change your habit about money have a fabulous day.


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