Our next little trick or treat’ gift is Halloween with new abs family back then it was new but hey John asked Karen Jones Jackie Cogan Ted kiss and kiss a D Lisa Lawrence and can weather wek and Felix like this was a classic and they add Gomez a brother wish he didn’t later on with of course Uncle Fester.

For that definite story go man but it’d have had two more children Wednesday June and poxy jr.
and pumpkin – dude that is so not creative.

About like oh I don’t know there Tina or how about um fungus jr.

Tina those are good names who stronger than were their older siblings Gomez’s brother pan show.

That’s a weird name you stayed with the family while Gomez tends to lodge meeting tombstone enjoy and Gomez judges right once courted and what you said Halloween near Intracoastal.

Swig legend of the great pumpkin I care too cousin Shaw who is diverted given gifts.

Good children a hole in it oh boy.

It’s like Santa Claus for Christmas but instead for Halloween remember her cousin Sean hi watch this movie I first saw this was about.

Which I’m sorry Blanc with for an axe I think a long time ago any.

Case we’ll just stir on Wednesday now called Wednesday senior is home from Music Academy where she studies the piccolo breaking glass with it pugsy no Pope.

The senior is home from near Ubu Medical School yeah he’s a witch doctor now very good the family home has been bugged by a gang of crooks we didn’t steal defending fortune laughing either bar sent a gang member named Mikey into the house to Medicaid Mikey panic and flee after train up a tail the kitty cat the lion to cook the crook Empire fake the crook employed.

A fake gold mask but in most of time we also see mother friend or as what.

She says mother who tries to learn I’m trying to fire a boom with my mistake is quite always difficult for her to it miss ennum this movie was kind of old but hey this days it’s really good actually they try to employ a.

Fake Morticia and a fake gomez to help their plan along with two strong armed goons Hercules and.

Atmos Gomez returns home for Halloween party trimmed trimming of the scarecrow which is like the Christmas tree but point them but I’ll fit posters Quincy Adams from Boston.

To gain interest to house during the party he has his men tipped off gomez knitted and.

The doubles take their place confused poncho who is still of mateship in Orpheus we’re still in love with Gomez Gomez meet escape thanks to old piccolo game that hurt him that luckily Gomez taught little Wednesday when she was little about the game contact when you get in trouble 29 have let me to use Bally’s method to try to get.

Rid of them later scared off thugs terrifying though friends are assistants and apparently he was in fall in love with the guy who dressed up as a girl as a girl Wow so dumb and.

Stupid hey but he’s still a monster a super strength and better try to be nice and put la fée on the rack laughs I tried to escape through the secret passage and step on key catch tail which they’ve been earning the crooks are they surrender and Adams free to slip into Halloween.

In another night by singing together the welcome to cousin song but then Gomez feels like you know all that not but then he heard the voice of course there’s gifts and presents for all.

Of them and all in it on a very good package of Halloween Eve that resin that there’s a good movie and as he said this movie was made long ago I never saw.

This before as I mentioned I did tell like it washes on the day I births a lot which was a pain hey sorry honey it’s 1977 it was a good movie which was very good actually but the casting for Mubarak appreciated along with a lifetime tradition see diet of January of 1970 in three months.

Of the special aired causing her royal grandma.

Market portrait as an actress Jane Rose Kenner actress put me Barrow Mitchell Scotty who both the curtain rose originates who appeared in the movie but different characters.

They put it in the original this movie was sold a home in 1989 a good times move video releases Halloween knew and family.

To VHS which it hasn’t got a DVD released it should though this movie was very clawed I mean.

Seriously Juancho I didn’t like care of a poncho I never the care because poncho was a new character even today trying to add him to the movie but well rumor has it that he didn’t do so well and they never had him in the TV show never mentioned really only the movie should pray odd I love how much is your wish lurch was and it was Wednesday.

And Pugsley our book my tooth pink card at least Wednesday senior was able to help her father after sticky situation or a knife ly sticky situation if no I mean and there you have it this movie was it good now all’s I could say for the old.

Effects back they were charming and rustic but I like the I like the old-fashioned way are their Halloween women very good but cousin Sean really kind shawl as Santa Claus Oh Lord heaven helps me please in the case folks that’s my review for the Halloween with the new Adams found so guys enjoy the next couple weeks until Halloween comes it’s hard me knocking who was that okay my brownie watchers remember to subscribe my channel and remember there’s always more.

With me than meets the eye or should I say more to meets a white both night folks hehe.


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