Hello guys I have something that something a godly happened actually believe it but the other day I mean me here’s the thing I was playing with my bouncy ball today and it had this beautiful red rose in it but it changed color it’s gold sign of God I’m not kidding look carefully at this ball there’s gold all over.

Wasn’t like this deity the other day I was playing with this ball and there was a fully.

Red rose but now there’s gold I’d look at.

That there’s gold on it I believe this is a sign of God God gave.

Me a sign as you know I’ve been doing a lot of paranormal stuff this just got a whole lot creepier or says hey God hand touched my ball this bothers the other day it was a red rose I know I’m not lying I bought this ball years ago kept it with me for my childhood and it was a red rose but now it has gold on real gold there’s.

Golden on it and I don’t know how to explain that I really don’t I really Suze don’t look look see there’s gold all over it own conclusions I would think of this God touch my ball as a sign that he’s listening to.

Me he’s listening to me he is listening to what I’m saying as I’ve told you I have dealt with the paranormal I’ve been well you messed with my self in Dark One’s but this this is another stack that I am intertwined with the paranormal and now God has proven there’s gold on this ball I believe God she definitely told me that he’s listening.

To me and this ball I’m gonna keep it safe because if it has it has gold on I even showed it to my friend who comes here to visit me in our names it’s gold looking so yeah this is a sign of God godless listening to me the other day so yeah what do you guys think folks oh boy I was touched by God I guess I need a rest.


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