The latest issue of the group facilitation journal is now hot off the press visit the if’ website today to download your I if members copy this issue has a broad and fascinating selection of articles including talkin interaction and facilitated and training workshops and organizations by the journals very own dr.
Sasha Rixon we have an article on group facilitation.

As humanity practice by Kenneth Walsh and petrea Anderson Julie Marci brings us it’s a jungle out there the biology of facilitation and we have an article called form spiel transforming minds and hearts.

With group processes this is an article by dr.

Warren lens and Marie Everson that introduces a very popular Swedish group forum method dr.

Ross brink it brings us the ways of.

The one and many exploring the integration of conflict coaching and dialogue facilitation dr. Pierre Isley presents validation of the team diagnostic survey and a field experiment to examine the effects of an intervention to increase team effectiveness this is an article that looks.
Swedish version of the team diagnostic survey introduced to us by dr.
Richard Heckman there are two books reviewed in this issue there is the second edition of the essentials of intentional interviewing counseling in a multicultural world and leading effective virtual teams overcoming time and distance to achieve exceptional results both are great book reviews that will give you a facilitators perspective on the deeper value in these two reads.
So visit the if’ website today.

To download your I if members couple of the journal now while there are many publications around both popular and scientific that disgusts group facilitation organizational development and group leadership the group facilitation journal is the only one that is targeted primarily.

At providing information to the practicing group facilitator it focuses on examining.

The science side of the art and science of facilitation in a format that.

Is both useful and practical for practicing facilitators and also to academics as facilitators continue to investigate and explore the emerging questions and contemporary issues that face the profession the group facilitation Juna will continue to fulfill its role in that the sharing of development of facilitation knowledge so if you’re involved in any group.

Facilitation research then maybe the journal is a great venue for you to publish potentially you might like to join the editorial team or become a review of the articles we receive feel.

Free to get in touch with the IE group facilitation journal via the IAF website.


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