Thank You Don for you know taking my call today and and I appreciate just having a look back on the research that you were a part of with at that time resiliency initiatives but it was a resiliency assessment kind of looking along the lines of strength based practice at a school in the northeast part of Calgary I believe.
Right there watch up okay and so we’re looking at this this chart of the.

Strength based school culture but there was this directly had to do with building resiliency in students and so I’m wondering if you could speak to some of these outcomes at the bottom.

Of each item you know increase of student achievement attendance what did that.

Look like in the context of your school well if we sticky to the stats specifically like it says that this project was based during the time I was there as the principal for six years most of these increases were actually seen within the first two or three years and then obviously there was a period of time.

Where progress has been made and again in a junior high school you’re looking at student cohorts of three years right because there’s seven to nine right and so once you have the sort of assessment and evaluation and support processes in place we sort of saw that the environment around promoting students resiliency wellness and health had sort of established itself so we didn’t see a significant increase over the last three years but we certainly saw a stabilization of.

A healthy community where in the past was unhealthy so if you take the increase in the student achievement basically what that was saying and we when I first went to that school that school had.

Achieved in the lowest five percent so in all schools are ranked as far as their and in the middle schooler junior high years it’s the provincial achievement test scores.

And that school was ranked within the lowest five percent of all schools in the in Alberta it turned out that within two years at school was ranked in the acceptable standard on that score was ranked in the average amongst.

Alberta schools and so basically over that period of time what you saw is a thirty eight percent increase in students mark so if you took an average increase of eight hundred students you would.

Have seen those marks within that period of time increased 38% well right on their achievement levels okay yeah that’s great.

And that thirty eight percent increase or relatively close to a 40 percent increase what a scene then a significant amount of students moving from where they were failing.

Provincial achievement tests to now where they were achieving acceptable standards on provincial achievement tests right very good and then obviously attendance was just measuring kind of a monthly or annual attendance for that.

Actually surprises me because on this side you know we’re revisiting this after a few years and I would have had assumed that spot would have been higher.

Actually but basically what that does is says that your it can be viewed either way that each student saw 25% increase in their level of attendance or as a student population the school saw 25 because it’s the senior measuring the same thing right you can measure on an individual or as a.


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