Broadcast is now starting all attendees are in listen-only mode good afternoon this is Marcie Reedy project manager here at UCA with the UCA webinar series today we will be discussing funding opportunities by the Institute of Education Sciences to support research on educational leadership IES is interested in reviewing applications related to educational leadership as part of their fiscal year.

2019 research competitions and has worked with UC EA to spread awareness of this opportunity as we can all appreciate government support is vitally important both the larger body of education and leadership research but of course also to the high-quality researchers in need of support for their project before.

We get started we want to be sure we’re responding your concerns and questions about by IES grants if at any point you have questions or thoughts please type them into the question box provided through the GoToWebinar platform we will monitor those questions throughout the webinar and we’ll respond to as many as we can at the end time permitting so joining us today is dr.

A program officer and IES and.

Has worked at the Institute for 13.

Years in that time she’s seen her share of successful and unsuccessful grant applications and she has extensive knowledge about the IES grant structure and.

Is just a general great resource for the UCA community I will mention if after listening to this presentation this afternoon you decide to pursue funding it is strongly suggested that you email dr.

Stapleton a description of your proposed.

As possible in order to receive specific feedback from her so without further ado we would like to.
Stapleton for joining us today and we’ll turn it over to her dr.

What we need to know about the upcoming IES funding opportunities and we’re at leadership like this qualified sure can everyone hear me we.

Have your head awesome ok so again I’m Tina Stapleton and they’ve been a program officer within the National Center for Education Research it seems like for my entire life but is.

Really just over ten years and I’ve been the program officer for our education leadership portfolio that entire time so I am a good resource for those of you who have interests in this area so the focus of today’s webinar there’s three things that I want to happen the first is to give you an overview of who we are and what we do and how our funding structure is set up more generally then I want to walk.

You through the specific funding opportunities for research on education leaders typically people think that there’s only one opportunity but there’s actually multiple opportunities and then I’d also like to provide you some tips that I think will be helpful so in front of you is the first and most important resource that you should go to this is our screenshot rather this is a screenshot of our funding page.

IES EB us funding so I’ve actually received a number of emails to say hey where can I find the request for for applications and the answers here on this website so you’ll see that on this page we have a set up yes that you should go through to.


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