New research reveals when plate tectonics might stop more Earth changes in geopolitical upheaval and another update to the new world order from the no link news desk for for September 20th 2018 move over harp tardes you will not see this earthquake prediction or news from doomsday duchies magic 3d earthquake crystal ball first in case you missed it or.
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Behavior is socially unacceptable and must be stopped let’s get to the science of things doomsday duchy fails.

Of predicting a force beyond imagination strongest earthquake ever seen there are several things that.

Make Earth unique in the solar system plate tectonics is among those features but it won’t be a characteristic of our planet forever researchers estimate that based.

On changes over the last three billion years tectonics will see stuff happen roughly one point four or five billion years in the future plate tectonics is the slow but continuous movement at large segments of.

The Earth’s crust which are known as plates some.

Plates sink beneath the others whereas some move apart and some collide these movements are responsible for the creation of mountain chains can cause disastrous earthquakes and conform volcanoes it is unclear how tectonic started but the potential for it to stop has been suspected for a while in this latest work published in the journal Gondwana Research Tring coming from the China University of geosciences try.

To calculate when any major movements in the crust will likely to end they constructed a model of how the manual activities have changed.

In the past and try to extrapolate what that tells us about the future the study shows both the intensity and repetition of major activity below the crust in the mantle over the past few billion years the researcher has interpreted this as a general trend of mantle cooling in one point.
Four or five billion years the temperature of the mantle.

Won’t be high enough anymore for it to flow without this internal motion activities on the surface such as plate tectonics will cease plate tectonics is the mechanism by which the interior of our planet blows off heat hence white mantle is slowly cooling over time without plate tectonics it won’t just be a goodbye to.

Volcanoes and earthquakes which we could certainly do without it will also be a goodbye to mountains the inexorable movement have played against plate as it pushes across literally to higher and higher peaks without it erosion will take over and over the course.
Of a few million years even the tallest chain will be nothing.

But rolling hills but there were definitely somebody happy with this research the weird person has started petition to STOP plate tectonics hi M never no Patriot broadcasting and Liberty Tree Radio field reporter number 8510.

God bless the Republic death to the New World Order we are on the March the Empire is on the run we shall prevail millions of years at a rate of approximately 2.5 centimeters talk about the ultimate breakup Europe and Africa have been splitting apart from the American continents for millions of years at a rate of approximately 2.5 centimeters per year the continents are moving about as fast as our fingernails grow and as they continue to split the rift between them otherwise known as the Atlantic Ocean will get even.

Wider and all this drama is leaving behind a major scar an underwater valley called the mid-atlantic ridge which tears more and more as the continents slowly move apart.

Looking back on the Continental relationship puts us a mere 300 million years ago when Africa Europe the Americas and all the other continents for one big landmass the same supercontinent and due to.

The constant churning of magma underneath the Earth’s crust they all split up and move to their modern-day positions but if.
Destiny in the form of magma and tectonic plates.

Has anything to say about it the continents might have a chance of getting back together but how will these stubborn continents kiss and make up scientists believe the plates will shift causing the continents to rearrange and get back together but.

In true tectonic plate style it’ll take about 250 million years the.

Plate boundary Observatory is a set of the instruments that are mostly in the western part of the United States and a few of them are in Canada as well and it extends all the way up into Alaska and these instruments are very very sensitive and can be used to measure how the earth is deforming and from that information we can learn a lot about the tectonics of North America and something about the earthquake hazards in North.


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