I want you to go do something since I don’t have the means to to show it to you if I had the video equipment and computers and editing abilities I have the skills I had the equipment’s and stuff could afford all this stuff I would put together a presentation and wake you up but I don’t so you have.

I can direct you in the right direction I want you to go look up three things which all go hand-in-hand one is casualty simulation services you look at the links go look at.

The pictures go watch the videos connected research they’ll glance of things research you need to figure out the difference between just taking an interest in something and briefly glancing over it and actually researching it go research casualty simulation services go research trauma services and go research casualty simulation services active shooter drills I want.

You to go through and really look at this stuff and come to your own conclusion okay I think when you really start to see what it is I’m trying to show you you’re.

Gonna pull II understand where I’m going with this okay that’s.

All I’m gonna say imma lay yeah I’m not gonna I’m not gonna put my point of view out there because I think it’s gonna be obvious okay and I think it’s gonna be obvious to YouTube.


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