Good afternoon everybody welcome to a special edition of the money hour today we are doing a special edition here talking about life insurance awareness and I’ve been doing a series of these interviews where I’ve been talking about – life insurance agents by the way my name is Kumari Ellis if you’re just tuning into this channel I talk about.
Everything well for unit right wealth taxes investments.

Cash flow management all of the above and so today I wanted to talk to a buddy of mine mr.

Curtis May and I can’t think of Curtis his company off the top of my head I just had a practical wealth advisors for practical wealth advisors and and today we are going to talk about a life insurance concept that many people talk about called infinity banking I want to say it’s long yeah banking becoming your own banker I call it the Private Reserve strategy there’s Bank on yourself there’s a few names for cash flow banking right right right so we’ll go a.

Cash-flow thanking my my apologies but yeah I wanted to do this because it’s life insurance Awareness Month I haven’t seen a whole lot of people talking about life insurance awareness I want to say I’m the only one but I don’t want to be the only one.

Because I feel that life insurance.

Is one of those things that is imperative for anybody’s financial or wealth accumulation and transfer objectives so everybody basically needs but again we’re not talking about it because I know a lot of people are actually scared of.

Life insurance because it’s all kind of talked about dying right anybody wants.

To die and so that that becomes a little rough at times but everybody’s going to die but everybody is.

Going to die absolutely so it’s not if it’s when but it’s really what we emphasize that our firm is the living benefits of insurance and that’s what people don’t understand it is not just about dying it’s really you know our.

Client use insurance to buy real estate by business invest in their business to go on vacation and get all their money back so there’s tons of living benefits with regards to insurance when we talk about the you know the cash flow banking concept done properly let me emphasize that is you know but go ahead you I don’t.
Know what I was gonna say well let’s do this right let’s.

Talk about why life insurance is important first yes yeah right it’s important because of you if you die your income stops period point-blank unless you have another way replacing it right and then so if you pass away many people have life insurance if you die they will then come and give you a check or actually change it now they’ll give you a debit card and let’s hang grow money or like a money market account with each other.

Right Oh buddy mark a little unfortunately I’ve paid probably 12 15 death claims in.

My career so I my first one at 24 so I take that part of the business very seriously because I’ve had to deliver those checks and so and I’ve never had anybody say they had too much well but hold it hold that thought because I actually I want to.

Talk about that now but you know a bare-metal right let’s just say the average American makes roughly $50,000 a year and it’s a young man or young woman ballistic with a man for today and he has a wife and.


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