All right I’m sure everybody is familiar with how Bank operates so you so you you have a bad check and they charge you every day until you pay that check okay what’s that gonna do but run up your damn credit and screw you over and probably end you in jail okay it’s not gonna do anything but that there.

You’re not gonna pull money out of your ass any faster because they say you owe more and more and more you know I’m gonna say.

Out of your fucking ass take my ass to jail you’re not getting all that if I owe you 20 bucks you’re getting 20 fucking dollars that’s it throw me in jail and you know what.

You can do the state can pay my stay in jail and y’all can lose more money than you’re earning from all that ghosts fees you basically charged me that’s the situation.

When it comes to that that’s bullshit that someone would actually have to go through that just to make things right literally just to make things right because why they got power to push us around hey you know what you owe us money that you don’t owe us you owe it to us we’re gonna put you in jail because you do car insurance how.

Often are you in a car wreck literally if you’re a shitty ass driver yeah you need car insurance most people don’t get in one wreck within ten years and they pay thousands of dollars in insurance they rented their privilege to drive that’s what they did they literally rented their privilege to drive after they paid out the ass for a fucking license $40 reinstatement.

Fear in statement fee $20 to have the damn thing printed out now you got to give us some insurance you can drive your car around oh you can’t pay for tags and all that stuff too and you got to pay taxes at the end of the year even though you own it I mean come.

On I can’t be the only one that thinks all this it’s.

Just a scandalous way of extorting money from Americans after they bust their asses working for the shit okay if look if the shit isn’t mandatory car insurance isn’t mandatory then why the hell do you lose your license.

If you get caught two times in five years you lose your license for six months and it’s an additional no you lose your.

License for a year and it’s an additional six months every time you get busted you know what I got five driving on suspended I don’t give a.

Shit I’ve got a license right now it’s good to go no points off of it you know why because.

I know how to deal with driving on suspended anybody’s got a driving on suspended right now they’re sitting on if you can get it extended get your license then when you go into the court you show the judge your license boom they’ll throw it out just throwing that out there okay just trying to be informative but I’m not gonna tell him or I’m.

Not gonna let them tell me that I can’t drive if I got a car and.

I got gas and I got the keys in my fucking hand damn well better believe I’m gonna be driving I don’t care if.

It’s the government you can’t drop so you ain’t got no damn sense you can’t tell me what to do you can’t drive you can’t tell me what to.

Kind of authority over us that’s all they got oh wait no apparently were their bitches because literally everybody has pushed around like it I feel like I’m going insane I literally really feel like I’m the only one in this country that cares what happens to people.

Look I’m not a hate monger I care about other people even the people that don’t like me who cares they got their own problems there’s still a human being unless they’re a damn sociopathic twisted sick fuck that likes to kill children I don’t care and if that’s the case then they need to be killed they need to be dealt with they need to be executed not sitting on death.

Row getting three meals a day commissary coffee and playing cards and fucking dominoes all damn day that’s bullshit this country is fucked up dude and I.

Swear I’m the only one that sees all the goddamn fucked up problems in it I want to actually do something I would talk for people I would address people I would just Congress if I had to I would speak for the Americans I don’t care I would do that for people tired of seeing people living.

In shambles I’m tired of people serving the damn government fighting a war coming home and then getting shunned and thrown out in the streets I mean my grandfather was screwed over by the damn government he friggin served that was bullshit then I.

Screwed my grandmother over for over 20 years that’s bullshit man and if people want to say I don’t care because of the stuff that I say look I think I’m one of the only few people that do care because of the stuff that I say because everything I say even though it might be dark and cold or twisted or screwed up it involves helping the Americans and helping this.
Country one way or the other..


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