Introduction of human test subjects we can now confirm the taifa as a complex ecosystem of alien species each one of their own specialized role each an opportunity for project ization but our understanding is limited and we hypothesize there are other type and species yet to be discovered the core of our research is the typhoon Kaka plasma the progenitor.

Of the entire typin ecosystem nicknamed for its unique polymorphic ability and a mimic imitates inanimate objects of similar mass.

Concealing itself to ambush prey our team has already submitted several proposals to product development for potential neural mod application cause of the armaments concepts group we engaged in field observations of the dangers combat abilities of Typhoon anthro phantasmal or phantom spawn by the weaver species the phantom is hybrid of Taif and DNA and a human corpse Mendte may exhibit human-like neural patterns but it is in no way human in close quarters of phantoms polymorphic limbs are.

Deadly at range phantoms attack with spheres of kinetic energy that detonate on empower this piece is known as the telepath is considered one of the most dangerous known – for its unprecedented psychic abilities the telepath uses powerful psychic energy to control weaker.

Willed organism personal null wave devices are recommended in the event of psychic shield earlier this represents our.

Third quarter findings and concludes the current type of research.



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