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Work before this what was carried out there is suppose actually during the egg workability actually in via River precisely to know assign what actually is the Midd sauce of this in 2014 and again this list this importance resources on the serious treasure as is instruction and use lead to deterioration in both quality and quantity which is in turn impacts not just the aquatic ecosystem but also the availability of human consumption because with.

A new LEP reports to deliberately overlay and Babu 2010 actually be too sure about it took committed that in the past Nani to Russian business line we are looking at a little bit which crustacean Mullis and analyse and our she’d also call Kamali they can be classified as in fauna and active form based on the immediate saw so streets of occupation Cody and Dominic certified in flora are able to build fauna which predominantly live.

In or use the sediments as a why the Eddie fauna include those that live all that aside the surface of the sediments start at all in 2005 the combined use of the betting Mecca Liberty Bridge and.

Sediment characterization as the indicator allows a compressive miss of assessing the quality of river system.

Is that they use authentic microti vegetables is based only principle that principle that different aquatic if it will have different tolerance to pollutants the hymns and objectives this investigation is a baseline study of benthic macro invertebrates and sediment kartalija of a very reduced extent the objectives of the study includes to provide.

This Nagato mission all the aquatic structure of benthic invertebrates River inequality.

The temporal and spatial direction of the relative epileptic macro invertebrate know very well to determine the spatial and temporal aberration in the physical chemical properties of the bottle segment in a via River the correlation of the physical chemical parameter and predict microbial vegetables of variable and.

Lastly the naval jetties is to do the a book indices to establish the water quality status of a via River materials and metal study area sampling station did you go location this area is located in the southern region of Nigeria we will be positioning system of the latitude given yeah and in lovely TV yeah I stood in.

The study area committees with around the river be paid on it for their family fishing domestic and withdraw and kisara and special activities the climate of the study area for within the Tropic region because actually Nigeria is actually.

The tropic region of the world and this is also in the tropical region of the world so the climate.


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