Students I wanted to talk about how to structure your research paper and how to go about drafting it so there is this handout under week 12 for next week that you can look at it gives some tips on how to do this during class next week before we workshop what you bring in we’re going to look at a.

Sample paper talk about how it uses MLA style does it have the required number of sources and.

Types of sources for what’s required on the assignment and will look at it whether the works cited page is correctly formatted and will start to read through to make sure it’s on topic and is.

Dealing with the task at hand so some things you can do to consider how you’re going to format your particular paper with the samples and both of the samples are out on canvas under week 12 one of the samples tackles the primary source of Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison our primary source of course is going to be God help the child and one of the other samples they their primary source was a fake news story that they then.

Used outside sources to validate or expose the fake story so are in our case our primary sources god help the child our secondary sources are the outside research that you collected this past week we did what I called synthesis paragraphs this is also in many ways a literature review so the literature review is all about your secondary sources that you’ve collected.

So that’s why we just wrote about the secondary sources we left out our primary source for now so that we could make sense of what our secondary sources have to say about our topic as.

You go to at the research paper this will be primarily about how these secondary sources help to support your analysis and your evaluation of the primary source so you should be using quotations from god help the child and then bring in your research to compare to what Morrison shows in order to evaluate how well she depicts this theme other places that you might use secondary sources in your paper or if you need them to help you define terms this is something we talked about also when we were.

Talking about the synthesis paragraphs in the literature review or they may help to give background on the topic or subtopic that.

You need your readers to know in order to understand your analysis of the primary source so in terms of how you might structure this more than likely a five paragraph essay is not going to work so don’t even attempt that instead I’d like you to think back to.

What we were doing early last week where I asked you to write down a list of important subtopics or ideas and so you might go back to this list and think.

Some more about the different topics or ideas based on what you’ve discovered in the way Morrison depicts the theme and also in the topics that.

Your research tends to take up once we have a good list of subtopics you need to decide which of these that.

You are going to cover in your paper so you might think about you know which of these do I have scenes connected to the novel that I.

Want to talk about which of these subtopics do I have research to back up my analysis.
And make a list of the ones that you think are suitable for using in.

The paper once you have a good list you can.


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