Hello and welcome to this quali research webinar my name is Jen flock I’m the quali research compliance product manager today I’m pleased to introduce our presenters for today Jeff McGregor he is the research administration Systems Manager at Indiana University and Peter Brown is the lead software engineer at Indiana University Jeff has been involved with the quality research community.

For over 10 years including stints as a developer configuration manager developer manager chair.

Of the technical subcommittee he is currently the manager of research administration systems at Indiana University and he is IU’s representative on the quali research executive sponsor team Peter joined IU.

In 2011 to work on quali courious 3.

1 and has participated in rolling out a number of quality products at IU including Institute proposal Awards negotiation IRB and the new conflict of interest.

And commitment module COC he also led historical data conversion efforts for the proposal modules which was no small task and has acted as team technical lead lead for two years now so welcome Jeff and Peter you can take it from.

Here all right thanks Jenn this is Jeff and thanks again to everyone on the call for joining us today.

Peter and I are are happy to have the opportunity to share our experience with our conflict of interest and commitment implementation at IU we both come from a technical background but we thought we might have a broad mix of functional and technical folks here so we try to.
That would be helpful to both audiences without.

Being totally overwhelming hopefully but whether you’re working on an implementation of COI or protocols even or just considering one our goal is is really the you an idea of the things you’ll need to think about and plan for.

Give you an idea of the technical problems you’ll you’ll want to consider and and how we along with quality ultimately were able to solve some of those problems and also give you a basic.

Understanding of some of the newer architecture and the newer technology stack which.

Bit different from the legacy architecture of the older quality products that many of you looks like you may be familiar with so with that in.

Mind we go to the next slide here the the general areas we’re planning to cover so I’ll give a brief background if I use history with quality and kind of how we got where we are today we’ll do a technical.

Primer and then talk about some of the foundational concepts of the software architecture then we’ll go over some of the specific integration points that we engineered which it sounds.

Like is is of high interest to people and then conclude with a look at look at our project in particular and just some of the resources and timeline that.

We had for our project so yeah so first up just some background on quality I you so I’m go to the next slide here as many of you know.

IU has a pretty long history with quali we were an initial founding partner way back in.
2005 and over the years have continuously added to.

Our on-premise module implementations as they were developed and delivered we also ran the conus system for a while which was kind.


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