Um what was your first major experience with writing what was that moment where you said this is for me this is what I want to do it’s kind of a roundabout it’s it started off as a punishment believe it or not I was super hyperactive I mean bouncing off the walls running around doing everything and anything at the.

Same time and my mom sat me down I have witnesses she sat me down and she she got a spiral on that book.

And said you’re gonna sit down and copy this whole book and so it was just a little you know kids books and so I would sit there and copy it and I started liking a st. can I copy another one sure she was like you know he’s going through these notebooks pretty and it was therapeutic you know I found out copying the words just them if any of you right even.

Motion of the pen on paper pencil on paper is very distressing decompressing and so that’s how I got started then little by little journaling and then scribbling down random ideas and then you know Rhymes and eventually back in 2012 I started a Facebook page and started putting these daily quotes that would come up for myself but it’s just random times you know you wake up at night say hey.

This makes sense so I was crippling into a notebook and then put it on the Facebook page and little by little was being shared around and then I got you know comments saying hey this is really cool.

It like that I always dumped it but I couldn’t put it down in words and so getting that feedback to me was incredible.
You know connecting with people probably the most.

Touching impressive thing I’ve had a lady from India messaged me on my Facebook page and she said I’m an English teacher in India and I came across your post in a short simple you know simple language and I said yeah that’s how I think you know it’s the very simple thoughts but I’m putting it on paper and she said could you.

Please send me a copy of your book I would love to use.

It in class to teach my students English and so that to medium was I mean I 25 bucks to send one book to India but I was so.

Happy to be able to help this lady way across the world that reached out to me out of millions of writers that there are she reached out to me for my book so that was probably the most powerful thing that happened to me that made me.

Feel yeah I’m on the right track.



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