Hi my name is James Aaron today I’m going to be presentation on my tsys which is the project of education and teacher well-being so what’s the project of oh Sh so essentially we’re going to explore the extent to which there is an association between overall effectiveness as an educator and well-being missus referred to as pedagogical rugby so in.

Regards to research methods well this is a positive study which means.

Its interpretive in nature and we looking at non numerical data and regards the data collection.

We’re going to carry out a number of semi-structured interviews which will the questions will be open-ended so less participants can elaborate on their answers and I can probe for the answers I’m looking for and the interviews would be.

Approximately thirty minutes each.

So in regards to my sample for this study I plan to interview five teachers mixture of male and female from both primary and secondary schools in urban and rural settings the teachers will be of various ages and the majority will be technology teachers as I’m welcome to focus in on this in this thesis rehearsal analyzing that the data and carry.

Out automatic analysis so basically I’ll be identifying analyzing and interpreting patterns that appear in the data which I collect these are going to be coded into different themes there’s a fix we already have ethical proof from you Ella for the study and each participant will receive an.

Information sheet and the principal of the school will get an information sheet and be informed about the interviews participants will sign a consent form and they can withdraw from the interviews.

As anytime they like and their data will be destroyed but after that I collect will be held on a password-protected PC and all participants and their names will be confidential there are my references thank you for listening.


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