A lot of the work we do is fundamental know how we can start to link the work we do at BPI camp into real business value I cam research is very important for us in the corrosion and materials field it’s helping us to understand at the atomic level what’s going on in corrosion if we look at internal corrosion.

One of the main ways we control that is by the addition of chemicals called corrosion inhibitors just on chemical alone we spend a hundred and fifty million dollars a year so it’s a huge spend for us and if we could.

Reduce that spend but still get good corrosion control that would be great the corrosion that we’re all familiar with is rusting when rust occurs that film that is formed is actually a protective film and it actually slows the corrosion down what we’re looking for if I.

Came is to get fundamental understanding can we modify those films to be more protective and stop corrosion or can we use less corrosion inhibitors we’ve been looking at ways to improve the physical properties of the films that are formed from.

Additives that we have in our oil one of the benefits of working with I cam is that it helps us in generating concepts and ideas for next generation of.

Differentiated products which is a very important part of our business strategy Ashville teens formed like cholesterol in your veins they form in pipes of our refineries and then pipes of our upstream production in the upstream that impact is principally in the Gulf of Mexico where BP has a number of important assets the icon is producing the fundamental understandings of wider Asheville keynes deposit to encode in a to a model which will be deployed in.

Our assets so that we minimize those depositions or ideally.

Eradicate them and that has a huge impact for the business in terms of value and preventing loss of production I would estimate that it’s on the order of tens of millions of dollars per annum that would be delivered.

Through utilizing the research output developed in the BPI.



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