Welcome to knowledge clip research skills today we’re gonna discuss evidence-based practice what is evidence-based practice evidence-based practice is formally defined as the conscientious explicit judicious use of current best practice in making decisions about the care of an individual patient sounds a little bit complicated but it means in evidence-based practice we need to integrate three components first components is.

We need to rely on clinical expertise that means the experiences from clinical practice of course the patient’s or the clients are important as well we need to take into consideration patients preferences values expectations wishes and of course we need to integrate results from research clinical research.

But also sometimes practical and fundamental research best evidence is a very important concept in a scientific literature we always talk about evidence-based medicine that means that all the data all the information that’s going to be published in peer-reviewed articles need to be judged assessed by experts in the fields who are at least as competent as the researcher so this is an important part of all scientific articles that are going to.

Be published in scientific journals also there are hundreds of scientific journals some of these journals have a high impact factor nature and science are examples of high-impact journals that doesn’t mean that all the other journals are less mercy but you know there is a little bit of competition and ranking going on in.

The scientific world the peer review process and also before the formal publication many of these procedures occur anonymous so that’s maybe good to know BMG indicated on the left stands for the biomedical journal and Nature is you know one of those high-impact journals many researchers they would love to publish in nature but that’s not that easy because of all the.

Way how this scientific world or you know.

The way how people are judged it’s just a little bit competitive keep in mind these days there is a lot of fake news everyone can Google information.

But what you need to keep in mind and I want to emphasize this because I see many.

Have the tendency to you know Google information you want to make sure that your source is reliable credibility is very important you know sometimes there are claims made by a person who’s even not an expert in the field you have to be alert you have to be precautious what.

Sources you’re gonna use okay why is this important what’s in it for me keep in mind at fountas we do a lot of practice based research also you’re gonna be a healthcare.

Your patient or your client has a clinical question or a serious problem that needs to be addressed of course you want to provide quality care you are the professional so that means you need to question.

What treatment you’re gonna use and why you want.

To use a particular treatment.

On why you don’t want to use a particular treatment you need to support reasons for why so you want to know if a treatment works doesn’t.

Work why does it work is it good could it be better you know there are always a little bit of limitations or things that work very effectively.


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