Good morning young padawan this is your teacher mrs.

Engel the master Jedi assigning you a new task that we have not ever assigned you before this is called student-led research-based learning instead of your teachers giving you the information it is up to you to discover the information on your own today you will be comparing and contrasting the flight.

Of the maccabees to the Diary of Anne Frank your mission number one assign a task a slide to each group member within your pod number two.

As an individual group member you must research the task that is given to you warning when educated eighth grade teachers were looking for reliable sources it take it took three.

Teachers looking at three or four or more different sources in order to find a good reliable one that allowed not just us but also possibly our students to understand the information given so.

As a tip when you are researching your task that you are given consider the type of venue that you want to.

Get it from for example just as a hint The History Channel on YouTube might be a possible area to explore or any other more reliable source number three once you gather the information from your.

Task enter it into your slide then when every group member has gathered the information for their task they must share it out with the other group members so that all the information can be a part of the collective pod well.

What happens if some group members take more time than others maybe their topic is a little bit more detailed you always have.

The ability to together and collaboratively as one so if you finish researching your task and you find that another group member is still working on theirs go ahead help them out lend a hand finally you must collaborate and fill out the chart on the very last slide of the PowerPoint where you finally are going to compare and contrast Konica and what the story of the flight of the Maccabees has to do with that story of Hanukkah as.
Well as comparing and contrasting it to the patterns or themes that.

Play of the Diary of Anne Frank Frank should you have any questions about how to complete this topic or this assignment please consult each other or ask mrs.
Engel when she comes in second period.

Or any other teacher if any other teacher is using this video.

Good luck young Padawans and may the force be with.



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