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The article headline reads Vietnam the next country.

To join the deed authorization movement as it will allow direct bilateral trade with the Chinese Wan this comes to us from Ken Schwartz Jen from shotgun economics interesting name anyway Vietnam the next country to join the D dollarization movement as it will allow direct bilateral trade with the Chinese wan by Ken Truxton shotgun economics my god on August 29.

Of Vietnam became the latest economy to join in the ongoing D dollarization by announcing they will begin direct bilateral trade with China using the wine in certain areas Vietnam plans to officially allow the use of the Chinese wan for trading.

Goods in its northern border towns the central bank said on Wednesday the State Bank of Vietnam announced.

On its website that merchants residents and related banks and institutions engaged in cross-border trade will be authorized to use the Wan or the Vietnamese Dom to settle transactions starting on October 12 hmm maybe that’s a date to markdown and keep an eye on the central bank.

Did not provide further details but.

Many economists see the decision as an attempt to reduce foreign exchange risks from current trading practices trade between vietnam and china exceeds 100 billion dollars the most transactions are settled in US dollars this creates.

A Forex hazard for both sides and that comes from the nakai asia review.

Or trading directly with one’s own currency began in earnest in 2013 when Russia and China agreed to use the wand instead of the dollar in an energy.

Agreement however this paradigm of bilateral trade has accelerated here in 2018 thanks to Trump’s global trade war and the feds raising.

Of interest rates on the reserve currency then there’s a link you can follow out to shotgun economics and get more well interesting article not.

Too familiar with this source but we’ll give them a shot and we’ll see how it shakes out what say you always remember that.

Falling feels like flying until.

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