Welcome to knowledge clip research skills today we’re gonna address the question what is science a formal definition of science is indicated on the slide below it’s a branch of study in which facts are observed and classified and usually quantitative laws are formulated and verified furthermore science also involves the application of mathematical reasoning and data analysis to natural phenomena.

This is a formal definition based on the dictionary of scientific and technical terms if.

We’re going to clarify it and answer the question what is scientific research we can.

Also say scientific research is the application of scientific methodologies to investigate the relationships between variables related to natural phenomena natural phenomena are States and processes that we can perceive through our senses we can observe facts or information and we can analyze it also science scientific research refers to all knowledge that we accumulate over the years knowledge on a specific subject matter.

And knowledge that is gained in a systematic manner so we build on existing knowledge over time there is a quote from a social scientist his name is Daniel and he quotes or he mentioned you have the right on your own opinion not on facts got it maybe you.

Need to reflect on this quote furthermore in science the concept of f is very important what does that mean in order to accept new knowledge numerous experts need to agree first of all there are numerous publications that need to be published on a particular topic and furthermore many experts.

In the field who are highly competent they need to judge the information and they will eventually agree if there is evidence weight of evidence can be formulated as a single study doesn’t necessarily prove or disprove a theory.

On to the weight of evidence okay at fountas we focus on practice based research that means it’s highly applicable so we focus and direct all research in daily practice that contribute to the improvement and innovation of healthcare professionals we also try or aim to create specific solutions for very specific problems which are presented in daily life in your practice so the key points of today take-home.

Message is that scientific information scientific research is very important for society without scientific research no protocols clinical protocols no improvements in medicine or technology.

No medication to treat cancers cardiovascular disease dementia name it so key point remember these facts read numerous articles and you will grow and develop your research skills over time thank you for listening see you next time.


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