Talk to us the new economy what does that what does that mean to use it and is that an inspiring in terms of emergent movements around the world how much how important is this new economy solidarity economy sharing economy kind of concept well in many ways you can say what’s really new right haven’t we had these concepts about.

Is more based on solidarity sustainability the health and well-being of all haven’t we had around these years these ideas for for many years and yet the.

Annette’s – right so so many of the ideas are not new but I think they.

Are more relevant today so maybe I gave a talk at the UWA last night and we did in a poll there about you know what people thought we should have in terms of economic collaboration and then what they were doing today and there was a big gap right so basically everyone kind of more operating in a silo structure today that’s what they said across the board and.

Then what should we be doing and kind of more co-creative based on a shared awareness right and the wellbeing for the whole and then I asked them how come right so how come you you you say one thing that’s what we need to do and you do another thing all right so what what.

Is accounting for the gap and then the answer was fear and this and that but among the top four I think it one was capitalism right so that means and that’s new so so when.

I was asking this question say a few years back it would be the capitalism would not have come up I think there is an increasing awareness around the wall and it started really with the two thousand eight crisis which I know was not a crisis here that was.

Maybe the only country one of the few countries where it was but in many others so the financial the almost meltdown of the financial system of which we now have the ten year anniversary in a few weeks later this year that really was the kickoff for yes a lot of people suffered.

As the result but we had a shift in consciousness I think that that got seeded back then and that now comes more to fruition so most people know that where we are going with our economy today is unjust unsustainable and unhealthy for the planet for ourselves and for the community and that.

Something needs to shift it’s also shared by the majority of American young people and of they’re very critical of capitalism those.

Bernie Sanders voters who by accident some of which may have voted.

For Trump because he sounds more radical but I don’t think they will do that the next time.

And people young people in America are also equally critical of socialism right so we know one.
Isn’t worker and we know this other thing isn’t working.

Either at least in the longer term so we need something new I think that’s an awareness that’s coming more and more to the surface as we know the department’s of economics and management are basically paid for not asking these questions so there is.

A wide field of possibility and of experimentation that is moving us so that you know not only comes up with new frameworks but also with new concepts tools and living example how an economy can be organized that’s more.


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