Bismillah alhamdulillah you’re watching way of the Muslim defining the Muslims character I’m your host Yusuf Estes and for the next few minutes we’d like to talk on the subject of what Muslims should do when they find themselves in predicaments or situations that are coming up today things that we hear people say and do and how should we as.

Muslims respond we’re going to be referring to the teachings of Muhammad peace.

And blessings be upon him referred to as hadith or narrations and then what he says will translate more or less to the English language keeping it.

In simple terms and hopefully it will help us in understanding and developing our Muslim character the first hadith I’d like to mention is one where a man is actually accusing another person I’m going to go to hell he says by a law.

This man is swearing and the prophets telling this story says by Allah I swear that Allah is not going to forgive this person so-and-so whereas Allah the most high he says who is it that swears by me that I’m not going to.

Forgive so-and-so I have forgiven so and so and have rendered your actions in vain well now immediately this tells us that we should be very careful that when we start to speak about anything especially when we spare I swear by a law that what we’re.

Saying is accurate it’s true and we shouldn’t assume the worst about a law we should assume the best about a law one of the things about allies is his nature of what we call Rama or his graciousness his mercy Allah Smurfs evils over all things.

There’s very very little that Allah is going to not forgive as a matter of fact he tells you in the Quran what it is it’s shirk and everything that goes along with it Allah said more or less in the Quran that he does not forgive shirk but anything less than this he can forgive so when a person observes other people out here doing X & Y & Z if it’s not shark then they better be careful by saying that Allah is not.

Going to forgive them of course this brings us to another question here what is shirk and that is to associate partners with Allah.

And worship this is something real important in Islam there is no God beside a law and we can’t make any images.

Or idols or anything to worship as partners with allah subhanho wa taala god almighty and so when this person is stating i swear i was not going to give that.
Forgive this person but what.

Authority is he saying these things because in fact a lot forgives him but he doesn’t forgive this.

Man now suppose the man is really good and he goes through the whole life doing good deeds and he’s calling others to do good deeds he finds.

Somebody who doesn’t listen to him who doesn’t do these good deeds he wants him to do he said oh you keep doing this evil you’re doing these bad things so I swear by a law you’re gonna go to hell for that so on the day of judgement then allah subhanho wa taala has got the right and he will ask him who is the person saying that I can’t.

Forgive somebody because in fact it is Allah who forgives and forgives and forgives and it’s not up to me to say this because in fact that means.

That if a person says this he’s associating himself with a law by saying Allah will do this or won’t do that and who are.


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