Hey it’s round and saying with launched attorney in this video we’re going to talk about your fastest way to success with affiliate marketing okay so your fastest path to success with affiliate marketing is gonna be paid ads now in other videos we talked about organic traffic a lot for it to happy long term but you’re talking about the.

Fastest path to success is gonna have to be paid traffic and.

In order to do that there’s a process that you want to.

Carry on through and also you need to split test so it like with Facebook Ads for example they give the opportunity to split test your ads so you can create multiple ads with like $5 a day advertising budget okay so with Facebook Ads you’re gonna want to carry your customers through the sales funnel process and anybody know.

Where Sam went there she is alright so Sam just off to the end through your opt-in squeeze page capture page and she is now going over to the bridge page alright so your bridge page is where you’re gonna interact with customers normally.
Video marketing is best so if you’ll be on video you talk.

About your product or service.

That you’re trying to say on the benefits about them then you can build rapport up with your customers and then you carry a mount over to the sales page so your sales page it’s going to be your business page it’s gonna be where you sell the product or you can also carry them to let’s say if you’re doing affiliate marketing or network marketing and your company actually has another bridge type.

Page that gives them more information about the product or service you can carry them to another bridge page so you can either go up here to another bridge page to inform your customers more about the product or service and then you care them to the sales page okay so whenever they opt in so this is the beginning of the sales funnel when they opt-in they now enter your database of emails because that’s what.

An opt-in squeeze page or capture page is as you’re capturing their email address and you are building your database for future interaction with those customers okay so once people have come in through the opt-in page you capture page they put in their.

Email address and then they are added to your email subscriber list and this is the area where you can keep them up to date with all of the.

New content that you provide and you know at this point people are.

Still getting quality information from you and all they’ve.

Given you is their email address nothing more and so you’re going to build up trust with you with your email subscribers and you’re gonna build up a rapport a relationship they can even you know contact you you can answer questions with them however you want.

To do it but what you want to get is this email subscriber list to grow and the only way you can do that is to build.

Up that trust and offer really good quality information advice training and so on and so forth just just offer the quality before you try and sell them anything because at the end of the.

Day if they don’t trust you they ain’t gonna go any further with you now that’s a good point so on your email subscriber list you have to build up trust and that you have knowledge in the business because all these people that’s entering through your email subscriber list they want to learn and grow.

And grow an income as well I mean I don’t just go and give my email address out because I.

Don’t want bombarded I want to make sure that when I give it out it’s just something I want to receive and so that’s really important for me when I want to when I want to get the email subscribers in for us for what we’re doing I want to make sure that people trust us they know that we’re genuine and where we.

Want to help people we want to help people achieve the things that they want to achieve the goals that they have whatever it is if there’s any kind of content we can offer that is helpful that can support you on your own journey that’s what we are trying to do here launch your journey launch the journey yeah the website.

Is launched theme journey not your journey cuz you’re not gonna go to our website if you go to launch your attorney but we do want you to launch your journey yeah so you got the opt-in page you send them to the bridge page.

Which is gonna inform build rapport you’re gonna be doing the video marketing or something along those lines where you’re informing them about your product or service you then carry them over to the sales page or to business bridge page and then you can.

Go from the business bitch bridge page to the sales page now if you’re doing affiliate marketing the.

Sales page it’s going to be your sales page for the particular product or company that you.

Work for to add on after they go into email subscriber list you want to continue to add value through your emails to your email database that way they continue to get emails from you you continue to build rapport on a weekly basis and they’ve got they’re gonna want to continue to get your emails no they’re not gonna unsubscribe so after all this if you have like let’s say your.

Network marketing for example after they go through the sales.

Page you’re gonna want to train your team so you’re gonna send those people you’re gonna have.

Your own separate email list for people that’s on your team you’re gonna be doing webinars you’re gonna be training your team now I feel like marketing per se you’re just attaching a customer to the actual product you’re connecting the customer to the product and so it’s not really necessary unless unless your customers.

Whenever they get started with affiliate marketing they need to help with training and the company Sam and I are.

With they actually do that training for us so if you have an affiliate marketing product that don’t do training on.

Network marketing or internet marketing then you’ll need to do your own training for your.

Team and that way they want to sign up underneath you we’re not going to go into their company were with here today but the big benefit that.

We have from them is they do do all the training so they they’re really great for us because we’re constantly learning we can.

Help you learn everything that we pick up wish having with you and there are certain things that we’re not allowed to share but other than that everything that we want to try and help everybody else achieve and join us on the journey that we’re going on so that everybody can get I am whatever it is you want for us it’s time freedom and financial freedom but it’s also to.

Help other people get there too okay we lost Sam again.

I was checking on Jacob he’s.

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