Got a letter from Ethel oh no what is it it says we need to solve a problem ducks space to compete in a competition which one do you know the one that we’re going to do that robot game we also need to have a presentation about a problem in space well should we make it about maybe we should.

Do a project idea on a bone mass I think that’s a good idea maybe we should do a research project and harnessing solar wind the electricity is a good idea maybe we should use VR to entertain people in space let’s do that would you do three things should be good for a project oh.

No we have to choose one I can’t use all three let’s do a vote I think stop doing masters good idea I like wrote the solar radiation I think that’s a pretty good idea do you like guys like the BR that’s.

To fear astronauts may seem to have a lot of fun microgravity doing flips in midair pushing off easily from one.

Part of the spacecraft to sail to another part however there are some downsides brass pronounced psychological health just imagine being alone and cramped in incident spacesuits astronauts must live at a pressurized cabin to be able to work in the unforgiving conditions of space of engineering necessity the design of crew living quarters on any space vessel has resulted in a very small very crowded and often very.

Uncomfortable habitat compared to what we are accustomed to on earth astronauts currently working on.

The International Space Station spend a large part of their days connecting with people on earth it’s up.

To Mission Control Houston it’s Harvard scientists doctors reporters student families and friends that lecture will not be available to humans traveling to Mars or distance makes real-time interaction and communication impossible accidents like Scott Kelly who spent 1 years of space miss the people he notes the best doctor compared experience with their fellow friends to service members on long deployments astronauts also mess moment sensory ways the smell of grass the set on a sunny day the feel of feet on the ground but those familiar experience is taken away and impacts.
A person’s motivation over extended periods of time you can even affect.

The ability to make scientists are concerned that altered gravity and radiation combined with isolation and confinement and pose a real psychological hardship we need a further danger for the crew in space longer and longer a person spends an attentive environment there’s potential.

For bigger and bigger problems here is our solution virtual reality VR is possible tool to help astronauts cope with loneliness helplessness and anxiety that affects all humans.

Separated from friends and family for long periods as riders our missions project we want to gather information on how other people would feel if they stayed in this space for a very long time and how it may affect them so we created a survey to create a virtual world that would possibly help them cope with their environment.
To do this we’re going to go into a virtual world welcome.

To the virtual world our first question of our survey is what’s the longest you’ve been away from your family we have had a lot of responses and the most response is said one week now we’re going.


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