Right so in this video we’re gonna format a book for CreateSpace 5×8 in less than two minutes because it’s really very simple and will save you $5.00 so first thing you need to do this document is formatted for Kindle just a standard word document first thing go to margins custom margins so top it’s 1.9 right is one point two seven centimeters and then on pages you go to mirror margins.

Whole document second thing you need to do change.

The page size for 5 by 8 the page size is width 12.
7 height 20 point 3 2 and that will apply to the whole document third thing you need to do is insert page numbers page numbers footer right and final thing you need to do for it to be create space ready it’s just change the contents from a clickable table of contents like you would have for.

Kindle so you get a references table of contents insert table uncheck use hyperlinks so you just have show page numbers.
And right aligned hyperlinks and that is.

Your book for create space it really is that simple you can change around with the font size you can change around with the spacing but this is the bare basics for create space 5 by 8 and you can just save this as.

A PDF and that will be accepted by create space really is.

That simple so yeah if you enjoyed this video go to the link in the description al gore.

Comm PL – geo are calm and I have a free gift for you my seven deadly self publishing sins book and in there you’ll find.
Seven common mistakes that self publishers make and how you can avoid them..


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