Hello today we’re taking a look at judo judo is a application that makes it easy for you to publish digital ebooks online whether it’s a pub format kindle formats and more you get to create edit format and publish your ebooks all through this one application so again tutto makes your projects easy to manage because it does it all.

Under one application you have total control over your ebooks and you can you know again like I said edit formatted created all within the same app no need to jump between apps save you a lot of time money.

To produce and publish everything within jutsu so like I said judo is AE club so like I said judo is an e-book creator it’s really easy to use sports a ton of formats out there from ePub Kindle HTML ODT and more and there’s so much you can do with it here so let’s go ahead and get started by kind of demoing the interface when you.
First open up judo here you can see that you have a.

Virtual desktop this gives you a good place to kind of organize thoughts kind of put some quick shortcuts access it also gives you some default shortcuts that you can access to do things like.

Quickly converting file formats jumping to OpenOffice writer if you have that installed using tools like dictionaries and more all within the virtual desktop aside from that you can right-click on the desktop and create things like little shortcuts and text notes to make it easy for you to remind yourself about certain things or anything that you want to add here so for example you can see I can add another text note and say this is a text note you can just add.

Little reminders here and little.

Sub notes within your virtual.

Desktop and always jump back to it here in the bottom with these little nav bars that they are evil.

Navigation tabs that they offer you here to jump between things that you have opened now speaking now speaking about the navbar at the top here you have the ability.

To create a new project opening existing ones of course and save the current project from there you have the ability to edit the project properties at things like cover convert the original document to different formats compile the document as a whole check for epub consistency launch.

The book choose to upload it and more you can all to adjust things like the options or settings within judo so if you want to.

Adjust things like your parents or the customization of the interface you can do.

All that within here so that said let’s talk a little bit about how you would go about creating a new project so if you hit new project here you have the option to go ahead and fill out a completely new.

Judo project this will ask you for all of your metadata such as a book title identifier so on and so.

Forth and this will get you on your way to creating your ebook now if you’re opening a project you would simply hit open here and you can open existing judo projects that you have or other formats like I mentioned X ODT ePub text and a lot more supports a ton of different formats there now I have a couple samples I want to show kit here so first off I have one sample of a.

Project I have this is an OD t file that just simply imported and as you can see here this will show you things like on the Left nav bar here your main contents of the actual book that you’re importing so you can see here this one is just.

An example of some that has a lot of text and.

You can see how it breaks it down here now this is your main nav bar for your organize for your project this will have all your things organized here under that you have the ability to see your cover in this case under your control panel and again one of the great benefits of Judo is that you have the ability to edit and design your cover within the app as well no need to jump out here you.

Can go ahead and edit cover design adjust things exercise in position background text you can even add images and really just kind of make it your own to make your book stand out there now here I have another project pulled up but I want to use this project to kind of showcase.

Some examples of the palette which is the bar the trigonis e on your right this allows you to control things like.

Your tools so of course you have access to your text formatting tools and editing tools and objects that you can add in.

Your styles and objects I want to kind of showcase what those are here on this project so this is another sample project that Judo offers here just to kind of get a feel for what you can do with in judo adding tables pictures lists bookmarks and more and you can see here I created a blank document I just did that by right clicking here and creating a new document within the.

Actual project here and I’m just going to use this to kind of showcase some of the things you can do here so for example test this is some text I can then highlight that and of course.

Using the tools I can do things like bold I can you know Center align it choose to do some formatting with the actual text itself and of course.

You have other tools here like spellcheck available within the editing tools if you ever want to do that you can do that and other options here that are available like changing the font size I can make this.

You know bigger for example and more now Styles allow you to actually give them some sort of attribution.

So for example you can do things like header so I can make it a default header that our one header too just.

By kind of clicking on these things here because they change these overall style of the text and you know other things like footers HTML TOC headings and more so you can go ahead and just the actual style of the text using this tablet as well now objects is.

Going to be your elements that you can add to your actual eBook so for example if you want to add an object like a caption so if I’m you know I’ve just added some sample text so this is some sample text I’ll.
And then I want to add a caption.

Right under that for whatever reason I can go ahead and double click that and then I’m going to save this caption test label it one now you can pick the category whether it’s a fake your illustration what have you and we’ll position it below so you can see here that added a caption object and you would type in.

Whatever it is there the ability to add in chapters so if you want to add like a chapter you know just to kind of break up the story of course you can add a chapter so I can say display type let’s say named outline level you know you could put one or whatever it is you wanted.

To note the chapter with and then that will add a chapter object to your page and again it supports all sorts of different multimedia you can insert images you can insert other media objects so audio.

Or video objects here you can do that as well you can do a.

Page break you can do things like of course a table so if I want to add a table I can do that here so what I can do if I just double click.

On table here this allows me to go ahead and add a table so I’ll hit test will put five columns five rows one will choose a.

Template to be a grid here for example and we’ll just put the number one for the data so we’ll insert that and you can see just like that it imported a table object for.

Us to use there so again there’s a lot of different objects that you can incorporate in your book to make.

It a little bit more interactive to make it more media rich and you can go ahead and check through these years things from page numbers to page links and really customize it and again just to.

Show you some samples of what those look like here text boxes pictures lists bookmarks and more so again there’s a lot of capability.

You could do within jutsu next that you.

Have the inspector of course.

Where you can view things like your bookmarks boxes citations easily in the inspector tab you have your favorites and then last but not least you have the speech-to-text option which is really useful especially if you’re looking to generate some sort of audio book you can kind of.

Hear how that sounds like so for example if I was to highlight this text there and hit.

Play this connection is italicized this text is in bold you can hear it has a speech a text engine back so you can hear how.

That output sounds like you can even mark specific things.

As speech objects if you’d like so if you want and integrate one of those you can go ahead and put that here and then put a little you know notes here for example for that if you want to have something say as or if you want to know the language it should be in things of that.

Nature you can adjust the pitch contour after that so if you wanted to note specific things of speech objects you can do that not just useful for audiobooks but also useful for accessibility if you’re making sure that your book is available to people who may not be able to you know are visually impaired you can make sure with.

The speech tool and the palette that you can go ahead and test that speech object and play it back to hear what sounds like there and.

Then once you’re done you can of course generate a file and you can just give something like a pure mp3 to send off for playback outside of that at the bottom of the interface you have your logs your errors here and any other details according to your book.

So once you’re done and you want publish something you just go back up to the top here hit compile and I’ll quickly compile together a book and I’ll put it all together and just like that it exports it that easy that simple and quick and then like I mentioned you get to edit your ebook here create everything publish it export.

It and then choose to upload it wherever it is that you see fit you know whether it’s the Amazon work you know Amazon Marketplace Google Apple what have you you have all sorts of formats to export out of here in g2 and we really just skimmed the features of what.

Google has to offer like I mentioned it supports a variety of formats from docx ODT HTML you can export to even more formats HTML ODT cbz epub apples iBooks and more you have all sorts of formatting tools as we showed you their PDF creation image support you know you the ability to customize your layout and really make it your own the ability to edit cover within jute oh and just so much more laying underneath the interface when it comes to.

Jute oh here so you’re definitely going to.

Have everything you need to edit format and publish your book and control every aspect of it here all right that said you can click on our link down below if you want to go ahead and try and or demo out the software.

You do choose to buy keep in mind you can get it for as low as $39 for the jute Oh basic edition here and that includes the.

Ability to make as many books as you want so you can again it’s not just limited.

To one you can create as many books as you want just for paying one time not a subscription.

Service you control everything you get.

The files you get to store them locally and it’s cross-platform you can run it on OSN you can run it on Windows and it supports a ton of Linux distributions as well so that said if you’re looking for a ultimate.

Publishing tool that allows you to control every aspect from the editing formatting and publication look no further than judo check out our link down below thanks for watching you.


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