Hello friends Keesha here again doing a quick video on why you should consider having a mentor or a coach to help you I personally have spent thousands of dollars on business coaching and publishing mentors in order to help me be successful and I would say that I have made probably 10 times the amount of money if not more.

Having used those people and made that investment and so the main reasons why you want to consider a coach or mentor is one they’ve already made all the mistakes they’ve.

Already gone through all of the problems and all of the struggles they can advise you on how to handle those or just help you totally avoid all kinds of mistakes that you’re going to make especially as a beginner and that is really important because you want to have success when you start a lot of people try one book and they quit they never had a coach they never really made the investment.

Financially or the time and it’s really unfortunate because I know a lot of people that could have been really successful at this so you really want to consider mentor or coaching in part because they’ve already made all the mistakes and they’re going to help you prevent a lot of them and therefore you’re going to be much faster are you going to be able to be successful at a much faster rate than most people do because you’re.

Already going to avoid all of these things and all of these different errors and problems and glitches etc and the third reason is accountability if you’re self-employed you don’t really have to answer to anyone it’s easy to take a week.

Off or take a long weekend and next thing you know you’ve gotten behind and so it really helps to have a mentor who’s messaging you every day have you done this have you done that have you called up.

On this have you researched this whatever it is so you’re always having to be accountable to someone and I know that.

People that have tried to lose a lot of weight the one thing that made them.

Very successful at losing weight was that they had to be accountable they had to go and weigh in and have someone see how much they’re weighing and how much they’re losing or gaining and when we become accountable.

It forces us to it really helps us to be our best so three reasons I would highly recommend my coaching or mentorship and that is one accountability to speed and three let them make all of the mistakes so that you don’t have to.
Make them so totally consider.

It if I have some links below this video and I also have my email address below this video if you have questions or concerns I know the greatest guys out there too that I can recommend and some courses that I can recommend to.

Help you get started and if you have any questions send me an email and I’ll be happy to help you totally I want to help people be successful at this and I’m absolutely certain that if you follow the courses that are available the mentorship that’s available etc and you can absolutely certainly be successful at this.

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