What’s up congratulations on getting your seven free ebooks on a fluid marketing if you’re new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned vet you’re still gonna get a lot of great info out of these books but that being said there’s common themes that you’re gonna see when it comes to affiliate marketing just things that you need so first of.

All you need a product right that’s what being an affiliate is so there’s plenty of places out there like Clickbank and jvzoo and stuff like that that you can go and you can get products so you don’t have to have a product of your own that’s the whole point of.

Affiliate marketing so you’re actually promoting somebody else’s product and not necessarily your own but after that.

You’re gonna need you know sales funnels and web pages and autoresponders and email sequences and all kinds of stuff like that so there’s a lot that really goes into it and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be really confusing and.

Really hard to set up your business and it can also be very costly because each one of those programs is gonna cost you you know.

Anywhere from 100 to maybe 300 dollars a month but that’s why I wanted to share with you real quick think I’ll build it all which is actually a website that lets you design all these different things it has an autoresponder and it’s only $50 a month.

So actually it’s 49 90 month but for the price it’s super awesome and actually the sales funnel that you just went through or actually.
It’s more of a lead capture funnel.

That you went through was actually built using the exact system that I’m talking about so below this video if you click there’s gonna be two buttons the first button is gonna be called checkout builder off and that’s going to go through all the cool features that builder all actually does and how it works and why it works so amazing for affiliate marketing but then also below that you’re gonna see a button that says join the team and take the million.

Dollar challenge and basically that’s a funnel that I set up with one of.

The top affiliate marketers and builder all and basically he’s giving me permission to share that funnel with you and if you go through that funnel you’re gonna see exactly what you’re getting it’s a three-step process of how to get set up with builder all and.

Then also how to use this actual funnel so click on join the team and take a million-dollar check and you’ll check out that funnel and again if you join my team you’ll be getting that exact same funnel absolutely free as well as.

I will coach you for 30 days so if that sounds like it’s something that you’d be interested in again I I only do this for about ten people a month on average so it’s first-come first-served but anyway I will.

Give you full access coaching from me thirty.

Days to help you succeed and if you don’t then I’m gonna let you know you know when you’re thirty days is about to be up and then you can always cancel your subscription and you’ll never have to pay you know.

You’ll get your money back and then you won’t have to pay again going forward but I am confident that if you join my team I’m gonna give you.

Enough training and enough knowledge and enough know-how to where you’re gonna be making money by the end of the 30 days and you’ll you know you’ll change the course of your life forever so check out those raw by clicking the button below that says check out bill draw if.

You think that’s cool thing come back to.

This page and then sign up through the million dollar challenge that way it’s easier for you to get the million dollar challenge funnel and it shows you how to set it up it’s just easier that way then signing up to the Builder all linked and then below those guys is gonna be your buttons for all of your seven free ebooks so all you gotta do is click on them and they’ll pop up and you’ll have plenty to.

Read and over the course of the next you know maybe a month or so I’ll be following up with you guys to.

Email just to see how you’re doing on your affiliate marketing journey and hopefully you’ll be on the team and making money because myself.

And others are doing it and we’re loving it so hopefully we’ll see you on the inside.


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