So you’ll want to sign up for canned account at canva comm if you don’t have one already you can sign up for the free version I have the paid version so it might look a little bit different than the free one but everything I’m going to do is exactly the same in the free version so don’t worry about.

That at all but once you’re all signed up and logged in just go up to the create a design button you’ll.

See there’s a ton of different templates that you can choose.

From and have pretty much everything you could possibly want we’re gonna start off with the US letter and I’ll show you around for just a minute I’m not gonna go too in-depth I’ll let you explore this on your own but over on the left hand side there’s a search functionality where you can search for photos or illustrations and you can also pull this down and choose ones that are only free usually the paid stuff is only a dollar so.

Compared to a lot of other sites so then there are layouts for this template for the u.

Letter template and each template with the different sizes that we saw on this.
Have different layouts for each one so they give you tons of ideas.

And we’ll show you which ones are free and which ones are paid so then we’ll go over to the.

Elements tab you’ll see there are free photos shapes lines illustrations or screams and grades two icons charts and then there’s tons of different categories of pictures you can choose from there’s tons of great stuff in here and I’ll use a little bit of these as we move along and there’s text and so this is part of my.

Branding my pay version functionality where my brand stuff is already setting here for me but you’ll see headings and subheadings and some body text and tons of different pre-made text layouts for you then there’s backgrounds with different ones you can choose from different patterns and.

Designs then there’s uploads and I have a bunch of different random pictures for clients I’m working on so.

I’m just going to scroll past those for a second but these ones are some that I’d use for myself and things I’ve made and re-uploaded for myself you can upload your own images just choose them from your computer and you have your own images so I’m gonna start off with one of my images that I’ve already uploaded you.

Can just click on the image.

You want and I’m just gonna pull these little corner tabs here and drag the corners out to get.

It the size that I want and I’m.

Just gonna place it where I want it to be you don’t feel like it’s fully centered really this photo so I’ll put it right there now I’m gonna go up to filter and actually before.

I do any of this we should go up to file and save and you can rename this I’ll do I’ll just name it this for now and you’ll see that things automatically say if it’s sometimes I’ve had some trouble with canva crashing or my Internet’s weird.

Or some stuff happens to every now and again with tech it just happens so you want to make sure to save every now and again so I’m going to go up to filter and I’m.

Just going to increase the brightness a little bit here I want to get the top of this image to be as close to white as possible so just increase the brightness and contrast there.


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