Hey guys came here with another episode of Kim TV of course it’s the tutorial version and today I wanted to show you how you can create gorgeous lead magnets and PDFs and freebies that you can offer your audience inside of canva and you can do it really easily and in a way that’s very simple so I wanted to.

Show you kind of what I’ve been up to with my lead magnets this is my lead magnet folder here inside of canvas for work and although you might not have a camera for work account you can.

Still create these beautiful lead magnets inside of the platform but I wanted to show you my folder so you guys can see more or less um how I use them and I’ve created.

So many over the years both for myself and for clients so I wanted to give you like an idea what you can create and so this one was for one of my plastic surgeons and it was the modern women’s guide to breast augmentation six things you should know before your first consultation.

So you can see that you can use this across.

Different industries to create some beautiful beautiful lead magnets this even applies to ebooks PDF worksheets handouts anything that you can provide for your audience that really just increases the value of.

Whatever it is that you are.

Offering to them so I wanted to go ahead and show you how you can.

Create these beautiful lead magnets and three very simple steps so we’re going to go over to our canva account right.

Over here and I’m going to go through and show you how to do this in three easy or simple steps the first thing you want to do is decide.

The dimensions of your PDF I strongly recommend an 8 by 5 by 11 so that’s just a standard page size and of course you have multiple options if you.

Click here inside the different types.

Of designs that canva has already set up for you and you can also create your own dimensions if you want to do that.

But there’s different dimensions in the document section you can use the regular us letterhead and.

A four which is a little bit slimmer and then you have the same dimensions with different templates so you have letterhead examples and then magazine examples and so I want to show you both of these so you can see and in start.

To get a little bit more inspiration in terms of what you want to create so the first one I want to show you is just a magazine layout it’s a very simple you know 8 by 5 blank slate but what I want you to see is the really cool examples.

Right over here so you can get inspired and start getting an idea for what you want to create for this specific lien.

Magnet now for today’s example I’m actually going to use a blank document because um we want to be as creative and as original as possible but if you want to start with something like this you know this design is free and you can.

Go in and just like tweak it and make it super beautiful I mean it’s gorgeous you can see it’s really cool but I wanted to start with a blank slate so I can show you what you can do so we’re going to start with a new page and I’m going to just clear this out and the first.

Thing I want to do is I want to figure out what I want to write in my or not right design in my cover image so let’s say that your lead magnet does have a cover image which I think most of you know whatever you create should.

Just because it makes it look more professional and just more visually appealing so for this example I’m going to use the ultimate copywriting guide that’s what our lead magnet is going to be called so I’m going to go in here and I’m going to click on elements and I’m going to grab a grid so that I can upload a background image and I already have a couple of images uploaded on on my canvas count from stock.

Images that you know I’ve gathered or purchased and you can always go in here and simply type you know the image that you want to find and maybe pay canva a dollar to use it.

That’s usually how much it costs but for me I already have images I like and I’m going to use all right so I’m going to click.

On this lifestyle picture folder which is where I have a bunch of my stock images and I’m going to pick an image that is vertical so because I have this type of document usually if you pick up more of.

Like a horizontal image like this one it’s going to stretch the image too much so I’m looking for a vertical image and this is perfect you see it right here cool so I’m going to add that here and then let me go in and delete this page so we.

Start with a bub like slate then I’m going to go in and just going to make it pretty simple I’m going to grab some a font and then I’m going to type in.
The ultimate copy writing side cool so of course you can’t see.

It right now but I promise we’re going to make it bigger and a lot cooler looking all right so I’m going to go in and edit the text spacing spacing so I can make this line height a little bit smaller and I think I’m actually going to hmm let’s say let’s let’s play with the colors let’s try a yellow and see this looks like with a fun font so let’s see what we can find.

Here on canva I’m looking for like a font that really makes a statement but obviously if you already have a font that you use and your branding that’s probably something you want to incorporate just to keep everything consistent but since we’re just playing with this one.

I think I’m gonna go with something a little bolder so all right cool so here we are let me make this a little bit bigger sweet and play with the color see what stands out.

Hmm okay so here’s what I’m going to do because this image is a little bit darker than Amin lighter than I probably would want it to be or it doesn’t contrast the actual text or the font doesn’t contrast I’m going to actually do a little bit of a filter on it and the way that I’m going to do this is I’m going.

To grab just a block just the shape and then I’m going to play with the color so I’m going to try white and I’m going to lower the transparency down here all right that looks good and then I’m going to move this filter this shape that we created to the back so that the actual image stands out or that font stands out and I’m going to change the color and see what.

I like here hmm so black actually makes it look pretty good let’s try like a green hmm I’m gonna play with the yellow I think.

The yellow is going to work but.


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