Hey there guys and gals this is Barbie Figueroa with a rise marketing indesign calm and thank you so much for watching my video so in this video I am going to show you how to create a simple ebook giveaway funnel using builder oz pixel-perfect builder we are going to use a lead capture page we’re going to format the.

Thank You page and then we’re.

Going to have a download page so that you can.

Start generating leads using the free ebook giveaway method for generating leads now what that means is in order to generate leads you want to give something away of value you want to give something away for free so this is a great way to start generating leads.

For either builder on or for any business that you are trying to build online so I’m going to go ahead and kind of walk you through the process of using the builder all pixel-perfect ebook giveaway funnel so that you can start doing this in your business so if.

You want to learn how to do that then keep on watching guys it goes well thank you so much for watching my video.

Again this is Barbie Figueroa with rise marketing and design comm please go ahead and take just one moment to and like this video I subscribe to my channel I would truly truly appreciate that alright guys so let’s dive right into the content what we want to do is we want to start generating leads by giving something away for free.

This is a basic marketing principle.

So if you want to learn how to generate more leads upfront for whatever it is that you’re doing start figuring out how to start creating your own lead magnet and.

Really start focus on giving away value and giving away the stuff that will help people this is a great way to generate quality leads that actually are interested in what.
You have to offer because if someone that is more willing to you.

Know consume education is a better lead on the front end so this is a way that you can start generating leads through giving away ebook funnels now if you’re not sure how to create your own.

Lead magnet I do have a small course that you.

Can check out called the 30 minute lead magnet and I will link it below and I basically walk you through the process of finding places where.

You can get a license to ebooks that already exist and then kind of make them your own so that you have something to give away that is yours on the fly and I show you a little bit of my insider process of how I do this when I need something quick to give away and I also walk you through how to actually create your own ebook how.

To modify it and how to add your affiliate links so you can actually make some money when you give away free ebooks so if you want to check out that course I will link it right below this video for you to check it.

Out okay so let’s go ahead inside of my build your all accounts so that we can create this funnel okay so here we are inside my builder all back-office and the first thing I want to do is I want to go to the Builder section and go to drag-and-drop pixel-perfect and.

I want to go to new website because that is where I am going to access the templates now we are coming up with a huge relaunch on July 27th so by the.


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