Hello everyone my name is Tom Stark and thank you so much for tuning in today I’m going to do a video tutorial on how to use canva 2.0 is a new version for canva so I’m exploring it a little bit we’re gonna test a couple things here see how well it works but.

At the same time I’m also good at I’m myself we’re gonna find out how long it takes to create an e-book using some of their templates so we’re gonna start I’ve already logged.

Canva account I’m going to create my design and you’ll notice that here in the menu bar up pops a number of options for creating creating templates or finding the template that you.

So facebook covers presentation wide which i did a video on the other day social media cards a4 documents youtube thumbnails etc i’m going to try the a4 document i’ve not used that before and we’re gonna see how well it works.

And how well it looks and you’ll notice that all kinds of templates just popped up if you see in the upper left hand corner of the template section here in the.

Menu one of the things I love about canva is that they have so many templates that are.

Free and they have some that you can pay for as well but we’re gonna scroll through here we’re gonna look to see if we can find a cover that might work for what we’re doing my friend Laura and I we teach an online.

Marketing 101 class and so we’ve put together a compilation of 101 ideas on how to create content for video for YouTube for Facebook or you know wherever you want to post your video so you can pay money for the templates they have a lot of good templates oh there’s one I like that the marketing proposal so we’re going to try that looks like it has two pages to it which.

Is nice if I as I get into a second page and I start putting in some of the content ideas I can.

Use this here as a preacher pre-formatted template and it should help in the creation of our product each one of these areas here is a text box you can edit and adjust the text box so we’re going to take out the marketing proposal and we’re going to insert a new title and I think we’re gonna call it video marketing.

101 ideas to generate your first video content something like that you’ll notice that the the font size here is pretty big they have it set at fifty two point nine I’m gonna reduce it and let’s try 42 here for a minute that looks.
Pretty good I like that and I think it looks.

Okay but you’ll notice that we have a text box here with looks like the date so we are currently in September that’s convenient I’m gonna change the day to an arbitrary date here late in September and.
So that’s going to be the publish date for the e-book we’re gonna.

Erase the third-quarter aspect because we don’t need that and but I think you see how versatile and easy this is to work with I don’t know just I love.

Because there’s so many things here.

That are easy and fast we’re gonna pop up here for a moment the ABC company we don’t need that I’m going to expand the box and I’m simply gonna.

Name it online whoops I’m gonna call it online marketing 101 didn’t expand it enough so we’re going to do it a little bit more and just pull it out.


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