You can go do your own keyword research and put together a list of some target keywords and use some tools out there like word stream or a riffs or tools like that to kind of help you figure out some data around key words but I actually recommend a lot of companies start with a paid search project so before.

Do keyword research put together a good list of keywords build some AdWords campaigns and launch those campaigns get them up and running and see what keywords getting clicks monitor those clicks all the.

Way through to conversions or whatever goal it is if you want to complete and see how well those are performing welcome to the Magnificent marketing podcast where we interview the top marketing experts in the world to keep you up to date on all the changes and best practices to help you grow your business and stay on the cutting edge welcome to the show because we’re setting up video podcasts for other I need to push record no you’re good David we’re all set y’all sound good it looked good.

Big enough alright alright Jeremiah I’m gonna just pause for a couple SEC’s okay why uh hello hello why is the are you saying magnificent marketing and black on there Jeremiah as well yeah I am seeing magnificent marketing in black with us too you just fun now I see you hello let’s get it back to me hello everyone I don’t know whatever Steve went here we go Jeremiah.

Hello everyone I’m here today with Jeremiah who is the president CEO and part owner a simple Tiger don’t let the title fool you though he’s actually just a big loud goofball and he.

Started simple Tiger in 2007 right after discovering and teaching himself SEO what became a long process of working full time for other agencies and consulting for simple.

Tiger on nights and weekends he eventually turned it into a small consultancy his brother Sean started working with him and they quickly learned the ropes of SEO and digital marketing in general as well as their own specialties within the space and today we are gonna talk about creative ways to build links Jeremiah how are you doing today I am doing great.

Thanks much for having me I appreciate it Dave no yeah no problem like we just were talking about we’re big into content marketing but that’s right now his content basically and that leads to the links but like I said we’re always learning I know there’s things that we don’t know and I’m and I know there’s things other people don’t know so we’re here.

To just see what we can help educate people on today so links are so important still even though some people don’t like to admit that so but before we get into this in the creative ways to build links and in this day and age because as we know things have changed from just as easily as three or four.

Years ago I would love for you to just set the stage here and talk a bit about the current landscape of link building and maybe maybe from like five years ago to today okay perfect yeah I think that’s a good idea yeah within SEO link building has been kind of the.

The final straw the last frontier the hardest thing you could do with SEO the most challenging element and the most influential factor in.
Ranking and Google as well so today we’re talking about SEO a.


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